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Lost Season Two Episode Summaries
Orientation (#203):

Act 3:
Flashback #3:
Helen and Locke are at dinner. He's wearing a suit and she's in a nice dress. She puts a small present on the table and explains it's for their six month anniversary. He says that he didn't get her anything and she says that the present only cost a dollar. It's a key to her apartment, because she figured that he was tired of knocking. She says there is one condition in that he stays all night. She tells him that she followed him last night to Cooper's house. She wants to know if that's his father's house. He shakes his head and asks why she would do that. She says that she loves him and had to know where he went. He answers that it's his business. Helen tells him that she wasted twenty years being angry and had told herself she would get over it, but found that she couldn't do it alone. She says that he helped her and that she can help him now. She asks him to promise her not to go to the house anymore. He agrees to it, puts the key in his pocket and they kiss.

Locke reloads the film. Jack asks if he's going to watch it again. Locke figures that Jack is too, but Jack says he isn't. He gets up and walks off.

In the pit, Ana-Lucia comes around and immediately scurries away from the three men. She wants to know who they are. Michael explains that they were on a flight from Sydney to Los Angeles that crashes with Sawyer adding that there are forty survivors. She asks if it was Flight 815. Sawyer realizes that she was on the flight as well. Michael realizes that she was in the back, but wants to know how that is possible since the tail section broke off in midair. She says that she doesn't know how she survived. She says that as the plane came apart, she was knocked out by some luggage that came from the overhead compartment. She says she woke up underwater, resurfaced and swam to shore Sawyer asks if she has been surviving all alone. She answers that she's been trying to find food and find others until "they" found her yesterday. Michael wants to know if she's seen Walt, but she hasn't. They introduce themselves to each other. Sawyer then says that "Shaft" is going to get a surprise when he returns, showing off the pistol which he still somehow has.

Desmond appears to be soldering in an attempt to fix the computer. Jack asks if Desmond is in contact with the people who made the film. Desmond says he isn't. Jack asks how Desmond didn't know about the crash or the survivors and Desmond points out that since he pushes the button every 108 minutes, he doesn't leave the Hatch much. Jack asks about the replacements. Desmond responds that Kelvin died waiting for his replacements. Jack then wants to know where the food came from, questions everything going on and theorizes that the quarantine message on the Hatch is to keep him inside. Jack points out that they have been out there for over forty days and no one has gotten sick. He asks Desmond if he's ever thought that the computer, button and 108 minutes are all part of a mind game, an experiment to see if the person in the station will do it. Desmond answers that he considers it every day and does hope that the film is not real. Desmond says that the film says it's an electromagnetic station and he feels that magnet every time he goes down the hall. The counter drops to 49 minutes. Desmond has finished his repairs and flips the computer switch. The computer shorts and all the power in the Hatch goes off. Emergency backup lights come on. Locke runs in, wanting to know what happened. Desmond panics, saying it's over and runs out of the dome. Jack follows after him. Locke looks at the counter, which is down to 48 minutes.

Desmond enters the storeroom and puts some food in a knapsack. Locke walks in and asks him what he's doing. Desmond runs across the living area toward the bunk bed. Jack stands near the exercise equipment, watching Desmond. Locke follows Desmond and asks him if he's leaving. Desmond grabs a handful of the medicine that he had been injecting himself with. He then grabs something off of his bed and a book titled The Third Policeman can be seen to be open on his bed. Locke tells Desmond to wait, and that they can fix the computer because Sayid is coming. Desmond doesn't wait for Locke to finish and runs for the station exit. Locke runs after him. Jack looks back toward the bed and notices a picture of Desmond with a woman. This appears to prompt Jack to follow after him.

As Desmond opens the station door, Locke tells him that he can't leave and wants to know where he's going. Desmond tells him as far as he can run and shuts the hatch behind him. Jack then walks past and opens the door. Locke asks what they should do. Jack answers, "Nothing. None of it's real" Locke says that "this wasn't supposed to happen." Jack wants to know what was supposed to happen. Locke asks Jack not to leave him there, but Jack tells Locke that he's on his own and Jack shuts the door.

Locke returns to the dome as the counter is down to 47 minutes. He opens up the computer and as he reaches for some tools, he knocks the toolbox onto the floor. As he gathers the tools back into the toolbox, he starts to break down. He looks up and yells, "What am I supposed to do?"

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