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Lost Season Two Episode Summaries
Orientation (#203):

Desmond Backstory:
Desmond met Jack in a stadium over three years ago when he was training for an around the world race. Three years ago, while running that race, his boat crashed onto the Island's reef. Kelvin ran out and told Desmond to follow him. They went back to the Hatch and began taking turns punching in the code every 108 minutes. Some time after that, Kelvin died and Desmond has been there alone until the survivors enter the Hatch.

The Hatch Backstory:
The Hatch, as station three of six, known as the Swan, was built some time in the late 1970's. It was part of the Dharma Initiative, which was conceived in 1970 by Karen and Gerald DeGroot, who were postdoctoral candidates at the University of Michigan. The station was presumably built as a communal research environment to study the unique electromagnetic properties of that area of the Island. Shortly after going operational, there was an incident which led to the adoption of new procedures. Two occupants were to stay in the station for 540 and punch in the code every 108 minutes to reset the counter. Three years ago, Kelvin was living in the station alone when he came upon Desmond who had crashed onto the reef. He led Desmond back to the station where they continued to punch in the code until Kelvin died. Desmond continued on with the task alone until the survivors entered the Hatch.

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