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Lost Season Two Episode Summaries
Orientation (#203):

Act 5:
Desmond runs through the forest. He trips and falls. As he picks up his gear, Jack orders him to stop. He has his gun aimed at Desmond. Desmond figures that he wants the code and gives it to Jack: 4, 8, 15, 16, 23, 42, Execute. He begins to repeat it and Jack tells him to shut up. Jack says that nothing is going to happen, that a man takes him into the hatch, shows him a film and he pushes a button on faith alone. Desmond says that Jack will know in fifteen minutes whether he's right or wrong and tells Jack that he can shoot him if he wants to, but that he's not hanging around to find out. Jack wants to know why he's running, since he doesn't even know what it is that he's running from. Jack's rant about running awakens Desmond's memory. He realizes that he met him when he was in Los Angeles training. Jack had twisted his ankle, was a doctor and had said that he failed a patient. He asks if Sarah is okay. Jack says that it doesn't matter. Desmond wants to know what happened to her and Jack again says that it doesn't matter. Desmond doesn't understand and Jack yells that he married her. He puts the gun down and starts to cry. Desmond realizes that he's not married to Sarah anymore and Jack shakes his head, still crying. Desmond tells Jack, "see you in another life." He then retrieves his gear and starts off again.

In the dome in the hatch, Locke asks Sayid if he can fix it. Sayid tells him that Desmond replaced the motherboard. He says that the power transformer is blown. Locke wants to know why Sayid doesn't need to know why. Sayid answers that all he needs to know is that the timer is counting down to "something" and the computer needs to be repaired. He's sure that Locke will tell him why once he's repaired the computer.

Kate finds the breaker box and turns it on. Power comes back on in the station. Hurley and Kate walk into the dome as the counter drops below 4 minutes and alarm begins beeping. Hurley asks what the beeping is. Locke begins to prompt Sayid, but Sayid already knows what he has to do. Sayid puts the computer cover back on, mumbling that he reconnected the processor and replaced the transformer. He then flips the computer switch. The computer comes on. Kate asks what they need to do next. Locke says that there was a code that Desmond made him enter. Hurley wants to know, "what code?" Sayid asks Locke if he remembers it. Locke begins to punch in the code and Hurley realizes that those are his numbers. As Locke enters the first five numbers, Hurley tries to convince them to stop since they don't even know what it does. When Locke says that the last number is '32', Hurley gives up and tells him to go ahead and do it. Just before he hits execute, Jack is heard telling him that it's not '32'. He tells them that it's '42', because Desmond just told him. Locke asks him if he's sure and as he turns to walk out again, Jack says that he is sure. Locke changes the last number to '42', but doesn't hit execute. As the counter nears two minutes, Locke tells Jack that he has to do it. He gets up from the computer as Jack tells him to do it himself. Locke says that the film told them both that it's a two-man job. As the counter ticks down to 1:40, Sayid announces that the argument is irrelevant. Jack tells Sayid not to push the button. He tells Locke that it's not real, but if he wants to push the button, Locke will have to do it himself. Locke asks Jack that if it's not real, then why did he come back to the hatch? He asks Jack why he finds it so hard to believe. Jack wants to know why Locke finds it so easy. Locke answers that it's not easy and never has been easy. As the counter closes in on one minute, Hurley, Kate and Sayid watch the two of them. A more urgent alarm begins to sound and Kate suggests that Jack "should just do it." Jack still refuses, insisting that it's a button. Locke says that he can't do it alone and that he doesn't want to. He says that it's a leap of faith. The counter is down to twenty-five seconds. Jack moves to in front of the computer. The alarm becomes even more urgent as the counter goes under 10 seconds, Jack begins to tear up again and then finally pushes the button. The alarm goes silent and the counter resets to 108 minutes. Locke and Jack exchange a look and Jack moves away from the computer. Locke goes over and takes a seat at the computer. He announces that he'll take the first shift. Jack turns and walks out of the dome. Locke looks up at the counter which ticks down to 107 minutes.

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