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Lost Season Two Episodes
Orientation (#203) "Locke" Flashbacks:

Locke listens to a young woman talk about $30 having been stolen from her by her mother who apparently uses the money to get drunk. They seem to be in some support group meeting in what appears to be a church fellowship hall. Locke checks his watch as the girl explains that the money seems like a lot to her and that she wants it back. Locke laughs at this point. The woman who supervises the group notices and asks if he has something to say, pointing out that he's been attending for a month. . He feels that $30 isn't worth getting upset about and that Francine (the girl complaining about the money) feels "a little too much." He then says that the whole group feels too much. He explains that he never even knew who his parents were. Then a couple years ago, his birth mother came to him and told him he was special. This led him to his father, who pretended to care about him long enough to steal Locke's kidney because he needed a transplant. His father then dropped him back in the world the same as the day Locke had been born. He then yells toward the girl that if she wants her thirty dollars back, he wants his kidney back.

#1 Con't:
Outside, Locke tries to light a cigarette, but has no luck with the match. He throws it and the cigarette down in disgust. Helen comes over and she tells him that he said everything that she's wanted to say. He asks why she doesn't say it. She says she has to keep calm, because she loses control when she gets angry. She then observes that he probably won't be coming back next week and he agrees. She's disappointed and comments that she likes bald guys. He says that he's not bald to which she replies that she can wait. She then introduces herself.

Helen is lying in bed, apparently asleep. Locke is getting dressed. Helen rolls over and asks Locke where he's going. Locke says he has trouble sleeping in a strange bed. She starts to get upset, but he says it's not her and that he likes her and will call her.

#2 Con't:
Locke sits in his car on the street outside of a gated house. In his side view mirror, Locke watches the guard walk into the guard house. Suddenly his passenger door opens. Cooper climbs in and says "good morning." Cooper says that he knows that Locke likes to drive through his neighborhood and occasionally likes to park outside his house. He thought it would stop when he moved. He says that at first it was funny, but it's now annoying. Cooper asks what Locke wants. Locke wants to know why. Cooper answers that there is no why. Cooper needed a kidney and Locke wanted a father figure. He tells Locke to get over it, not to come back and that he is not wanted. Cooper gets out of the car as Locke tries to be stoic, but then begins to cry.

Helen and Locke are at dinner. He's wearing a suit and she's in a nice dress. She puts a small present on the table and explains it's for their six month anniversary. He says that he didn't get her anything and she says that the present only cost a dollar. It's a key to her apartment, because she figured that he was tired of knocking. She says there is one condition in that he stays all night. She tells him that she followed him last night to Cooper's house. She wants to know if that's his father's house. He shakes his head and asks why she would do that. She says that she loves him and had to know where he went. He answers that it's his business. Helen tells him that she wasted twenty years being angry and had told herself she would get over it, but found that she couldn't do it alone. She says that he helped her and that she can help him now. She asks him to promise her not to go to the house anymore. He agrees to it, puts the key in his pocket and they kiss.

Helen is sleeping, but next to her Locke is wide awake. He goes in the bathroom and splashes water on his face. As he stands in front of the mirror, he notices the scar from where his kidney was removed.

#4 Con't:
Later that night, Locke sits outside of Cooper's house. A car drives up behind runs into the back of his car. Helen comes over to the window of his car, grabs his keys and throws them into Cooper's gated yard before Locke can stop her. He asks her why she did that. Helen says that Cooper isn't coming out because he doesn't care. She says that Locke comes back because he's scared of moving forward in his relationship with Helen. She tells him that he has to choose between Cooper and her. He says that it's not that simple, but she says that it is. He turns back toward Cooper's house and says that he can't, because he doesn't know how. She says that he can, but is afraid because he doesn't know what is going to happen. She tells him that he has to make a leap of faith. She says that he doesn't have to be alone and she puts out her hand. He lets go of the gate to Cooper's house, walks over and takes Helen's hand.

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