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Lost Season Two Episode Summaries
Man of Science, Man of Faith (#201):

Act 2:
Locke and Kate are hiking in the forest. Kate asks Locke why he wants in the hatch, considering the circumstances (Quarantine). Locke figures that they think he crazy, but the damage has already been done. He also points out that he was nearly pulled into a hole by what looked to be nothing more than a column of black smoke. He asks her if she saw it and she nods. He then wonders what Jack thinks he saw.

Somewhere along the trail behind Locke and Kate, Hurley cracks a joke to Jack about Locke "making time" with Kate, which Jack doesn't think is funny. Hurley does then manage to get Jack to break into a smile. Jack then asks Hurley about the numbers. Hurley really isn't interested in talking about it, but Jack presses. First saying that Jack will think he's crazy, Hurley explains that he was in a "psych" ward and heard another patient, Leonard, repeating the numbers. Hurley tells Jack that a couple of months after he got out, he used the numbers to play the lottery and won $114 million. Then came a string of bad luck: his grandpa died, his house burned down, and the "chicken joint" where he worked was hit by a meteorite. So when he saw the numbers, he wanted to stop them from opening the hatch because it's cursed. Jack, not appearing to buy Hurley's story about the numbers, appears stuck on Hurley's mention of the psych ward. Hurley gets upset that Jack won't even say that he believes Hurley. Hurley tells Jack that his bedside manner sucks.

Flashback: At St. Sebastian Hospital , Jack is checking Sarah's charts. She asks about the driver of the car that she hit, who was older. Jack tells her that he died in the ER. She begins crying. She wants to know why she can't feel anything. He explains that her back is broken due to several crushed vertebra, and a ruptured spleen which is bleeding into her abdomen. He is going to operate to repair as much of the damage as he can, but even the most optimistic possibilities are extremely small for her to regain feeling below her waist. Understandably, she is stunned. Jack's father, who has been right outside the door at the nurse's station listening, steps in the doorway and calls him out for a word. As Jack and his father walk down the hallway, Jack wants to know what he did wrong. Christian tells Jack that he should have given her some hope even in the worst circumstances. Jack says that her spine is crushed and that lying to her and telling her everything will be okay is false hope. His father answers that while that may be true, it is still hope. As Christian walks off, Jack can't come up with a response.

Back at in the caves, Shannon is trying to convince everyone that she saw Walt. Sayid asks her to quiet down, so that she doesn't upset the rest of the survivors. Instead, she tells them about the whispers that she heard. Claire and then Charlie ask her where she heard them. Sun asks Shannon if she thinks something happened to the raft. Sayid tries to reassure Sun that nothing happened to the raft and Walt is with them there. Shannon tells him she knows what she saw. The survivors can be heard murmuring. The discussion is cut short when Charlie notices that Hurley, Jack, Kate and Locke are back.

Jack is standing on a rock and addresses the survivors who have gathered around him. He tells them that Locke had found a hatch about a half a mile from the caves. They had left to go blow the hatch open, so that everyone could hide instead in case. He says it doesn't matter now because they wouldn't be able to get everyone in there tonight. Charlie asks about Dr. Arzt. Jack answers that "he didn't make it." Shannon asks if they saw the "others." Charlie tells her that there are no Others and she snaps back that he doesn't know anything. Jack gets everyone's attention. He then tells them that everything is going to be okay. They will stay in the caves, use the four guns and put lookouts at the entrances. He says everyone is going to make it to sunrise in three hours, making it a promise. Locke starts making noise. Jack asks what he's doing. Locke says that he's taking some cable and going down into the hatch. Jack asks him if that's a smart idea. Locke agrees that it would be smarter to stay in the caves and wait until daylight, wait for the others to see if they come, and wait for the "brave folks on the raft to bring help, but he says he's tired of waiting and then leaves. Jack and Kate watch him leave the camp.

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