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Lost Season Two Episode Summaries
Adrift (#202):

Act 1:
Floating on the raft remnant, Sawyer punches Michael's chest again and then begins giving him CPR. Michael starts coughing and asking about Walt. Sawyer says he doesn't know. Michael calls for Walt again as Sawyer holds onto him so he doesn't slide back into the water.

Flashback: Michael is toying with his cane. Someone asks him about his leg. He explains that he was hit by a car. He is in a lawyer's office. The lawyer says he has the paperwork that Michael's ex-wife sent over. Michael corrects him in that she is not his ex-wife, just Walt's mother. He explains that she got a job in Rome with her boyfriend and wants to take Walt with her. The lawyer says that he will take care of him, addressing him incorrectly. Michael corrects him. The lawyer then explains that Susan wants him to sign away all his paternal rights to his son, so Brian can adopt Walt. Michael asks if he can stop her from going and the lawyer answers that they could file an injunction preventing her from leaving the city. Michael says that is what he wants. The lawyer explains that since Michael is in his office, he knows that he's the best lawyer that Michael could afford. He explains it will take a lot of money (even at his rates. Michael insists, because he won't let them take his son.

Michael calls for Walt. Sawyer tells him to save his energy because he is long gone on the boat with the others. Michael says he doesn't know for sure. Sawyer figures he's got a good idea and even if he could still hear, there's nothing Michael could do. Michael answers that if Walt hears him, he would know that Michael's still alive and will come for him. Michael goes back to calling for Walt.

Back at the hatch, Locke reaches the bottom of the hatch, landing in a puddle. He quietly calls for Kate and then peers into the hallway, glimpsing the mural. He takes a few steps and then takes off his shoes because they are squeaking from being waterlogged. He nears the bank of electronic equipment and then crosses the hall to take a closer look at a power box with a DHARMA logo on it. He walks past the mural into the main living area. The ping-pong table is to Locke's right and the lava lamp and the record collection is in the foreground on Locke's left. He walks past the kitchen counter on his way to the dining table and opens the blind. A window with a bright light is seen. He hears Kate groaning and goes around to the right of the dining table. Kate is lying on the floor at the entrance to the dome.. Kate warns him just before a gun can be heard being cocked. Locke turns and finds Desmond has a weapon pointed at him. Desmond asks "are you him?"

Sawyer stands on the raft remnant, while Michael sits. He calls for Jin and Michael says he thought they needed to save their energy. Sawyer says that Jin is in the water, so he's going to keep shouting. He then blames Sawyer for Walt being taken, because Sawyer made him fire the flare which brought the boat. Sawyer says that at least Walt is safe and maybe even warm on that boat. Just after he orders Sawyer "off his boat," something strikes the raft piece. The two men brace themselves and look around for what is the cause. What looks to be a shark is lurking near the raft remnant.

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