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Lost Season Two Episode Summaries
Adrift (#202) Analysis, Notes & Unanswered Questions:

The cursed numbers are used to reset a counter in the hatch to 108 minutes. Since Leonard was fixated on the numbers, was he once stationed in the hatch?

Desmond is surprised that the survivors have not gotten sick. Danielle had said that everyone on her science team had gotten sick and died. Desmond seems to confirm that there was some illness on the island at one time.

Despite the setback of Desmond holding a gun on him, Locke still appears to be trying to fulfill that destiny he believes is found in the hatch.

Michael gave Walt a polar bear the last time he saw him before Susan moved to Europe and Brian formally adopted Walt. Is this the real source of the polar bear, rather than the Spanish comic book? Perhaps the Spanish comic book rekindled Walt's memory of the stuffed polar bear from long before, which would explain why that particular image from the comic book appeared.

This episode was originally planned to be a Sawyer episode. Jolene Blalock was announced as appearing and Robert Patrick (Hibbs) was rumored to also possibly appear.

Unanswered Questions:
  • What happens if the numbers are not typed in?
  • Why is that Dharma logo everywhere in the hatch (and on the shark)? (See Episode 203 Analysis)
  • What DOES one snowman say to the other snowman?
  • Why does Desmond seem so surprised that the survivors have not gotten sick?
  • How did Desmond end up in the hatch? How long has he been in there? (See Episode 203 Analysis)
  • Why does Desmond seem surprised that "the world is still out there?" (See Episode 203 Analysis)
  • Why doesn't Desmond seem to recognize Jack?
  • Who are those people who had captured Jin and were coming after them? Are they the Others? Or other Others?

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