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Lost Season Two Episode Summaries
Adrift (#202):

Act 3:
At the caves, Hurley asks Jack if he's going back to hatch after his speech about waiting until morning and daylight Jack says that he changed his mind. As Jack walks past, Claire asks Charlie what that was about. Charlie guesses that Jack is off to do something heroic. Claire rolls her eyes, which piques Charlie's interest. She explains that he always tries to be funny when he doesn't want to answer the question. Charlie is holding Aaron, when Claire pulls out the Virgin Mary statue that Charlie picked up. He tells her to be careful and then gets Claire to take Aaron as he takes back the statue. She says that she didn't know he was religious and he says that he's not, but that the statue might come in handy.

On the raft pieces, Sawyer says that it wasn't the flare. He explains that he first thought that they were fishermen or pirates until he saw the boat. He then realized that they had to have come from some place close, like the island because the boat wasn't made for the open ocean. He points out that Danielle had said the "Others" were coming for the "kid." He says that they came after the raft, because they wanted Walt, so it was Michael's fault that the raft was blown up. Michael tells him that they took Walt because of Sawyer (insisting on firing the flare), because they had been sailing away. Sawyer insists that the "Others" were looking for them, for Walt. Michael tells him to shut up and Sawyer wants to know what he's going to do, "splash me?" Michael reaches over and does just that. Sawyer leans back in reaction his raft remnant comes apart, spilling him into the water. Sawyer has no choice but to swim over and onto Michael's piece. He tries to say something apologetic, but Michael tells him to be quiet because he doesn't understand what it's like to care for someone else.

Flashback: Michael walks in to the room and sees Susan alone. He asks where her lawyers are. She says she wanted to see him alone, but he can have his lawyer present if he wants. She then tells him that she thinks that he will win in court and prevent her from leaving the country with Walt. She then asks why he's doing all this. He answers that it's because Walt is his son. She says that she knows that he doesn't care what's best for her, but in Rome she'll be a senior partner and be able to provide Walt with whatever he needs. She then points out that he's still on disability, can't work and is about to be evicted. She says that no one is winning, so he tells her to stop. She pleads with him to give himself a chance to recover and get his art career going. He says he's Walt's father and Walt is his responsibility as well. She says that they need to do what is best for Walt, so he needs to let Walt go. She takes out a document. She says that she doesn't want to go to court and asks Michael to "let him go."

Kate is struggling in the dark room. She manages to get her arms in front of her, takes out the knife and cuts the rope. She feels around and finds the light switch. She tries to open the door and then turns around. It's a storeroom of canned food and dry goods, all with the same Dharma logo. She then spots an air vent. She puts a box under the vent. She then spots some candy and takes a bite of an Apollo candy bar. She grabs a handful and puts them in her pocket. She stacks a second box and climbs up. She opens the air vent and climbs into the duct.

Sitting at the table with the artificial light clearly seen, Locke explains that the pilot said they had lost radio contact and were thousand miles off course, so search teams would have given up weeks ago. Desmond wants confirmation that they were flying from Sydney to Los Angeles , which Locke gives. Desmond comments that "the world is still out there." Locke asks him for his name, which seems to throw Desmond off. Desmond eventually does give Locke his name and then Locke tells him his. Locke says that he doesn't need the gun. Desmond shrugs him off with a sarcastic suggestion that he should give it to Locke. Desmond asks how many of them are there. Locke answers forty-three, although four sailed out this morning on a raft, which gets a chuckle from Desmond. Locke wants to know about the artificial sunlight from the window and how long Desmond has been down in the hatch and if there is another way out. Desmond doesn't answer, but instead asks how many have gotten sick, as in ill or dead. Locke asks if that's why the hatch said "Quarantine." Desmond orders him to answer his question. Locke replies that no one has gotten sick. Suddenly, they hear a beep. Up in the air duct, Kate hears it as well. Desmond makes Locke go over to the terminal on the desk by the entrance (not the one in the middle of the room) to the doom. He asks Locke if he knows how to use it. Locke comments that he hasn't seen one in twenty years. Desmond gets agitated and Locke answers that he does. Desmond orders him to sit. An old analog counter is at 2:38 and counting down. He orders Locke to type in the numbers, interrupted for a moment when he thinks he hears something. He then tells Locke to hit execute, which Locke does after some stalling. The counter resets to 108 minutes. Just then, Jack can be heard calling for Kate and Locke. Desmond wants to know who that is. Locke answers that "that would be Jack."

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