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Lost Season Two Episode Summaries
Adrift (#202):

Act 5:
Flashback: Michael is sitting on a park bench, holding his cane. Susan and Walt walk up and Michael gets up. Susan apologizes for being late, but she's been packing since the flight leaves in the morning. Susan tries to get Walt to say hello, but he is silent. Michael tells him hello, but stops before telling him that he's father. He then takes out a stuffed bear (polar bear?), asking Susan if he likes them. She says he does, but that he's shy. He then squats down and tells Walt that since he's going away, he won't see him for a while, but he's going to be taken care of by his mother and Brian. Lastly, Michael says that Walt's daddy loves him very much and that "I always will." Walt won't go to him and Susan apologizes, but Michael tells him that it is okay. He then gives Susan the bag with the bear, tells her to let Walt know that it's from him and they exchange goodbyes. Michael watches them walk off as he starts to tear up.

Dawn is breaking as Michael and Sawyer sit on the pontoon. Michael has his head in his hands and is crying. Sawyer sits up and asks him if he is okay. Michael says that it was his fault, because he shouldn't have brought Walt on the raft. He then vows to get Walt back. Sawyer says nothing, puts his head down and looks away, either uncomfortable with the moment or in the apparently futility of the vow. He then spots something. It's the Island . Sawyer says that the current brought them back and that they're "home." Michael and Sawyer stumble onto the beach and almost immediately hear Jin shouting. Jin comes running out, bound with a stick. He runs over to them before falling down. He manages to say "others." Michael and Sawyer look up to see several people armed with sticks and clubs coming over the rise and down the beach toward them.

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