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Lost Season Two Episode Summaries
Adrift (#202):

Sawyer surfaces, gasping for air, as Walt can be heard calling for his dad. The remnants of the raft can be seen burning. As Sawyer grabs his shoulder, Michael is calling for Walt. Sawyer sees Michael well away from the raft. Jin, apparently near the burning raft, calls for Sawyer, who calls back. Sawyer decides to go after Michael. Sawyer, still clutching the pistol in one hand, reaches a floating piece of the raft and begins paddling it over to Michael. Just before he reaches Michael, Michael slips below the surface. Sawyer reaches down and pulls Michael onto the raft remnant. Sawyer sees that Michael isn't breathing and starts punching his chest.

At the hatch, Locke has fallen back after the pressure pulling down on the cable is gone. The shaft of light goes out and the pressure on the cable is gone. Locke begins to pull up on the now limp cable. He leans over the hatch and calls for Kate, getting no answer. He pauses and considers what to do. He reties the cable and goes into the hatch.

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