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Lost Season Two Episode Summaries
Adrift (#202):

Act 2:
On the raft, Sawyer has pulled the gun as they look for what was banging on the raft. Michael makes a comment about Sawyer managing to hang onto the gun. Michael doesn't think it will work anyway since he was underwater with it. Sawyer questions Michael's knowledge of guns. As Sawyer checks the gun clip, the raft is struck again, causing him to drop the bullets. He reaches his hand into the water trying to grab some of the bullets and sees that it's a shark lurking in the water. As Sawyer gathers up bullets that stayed on the raft, Michael realizes that the shark is around because of Sawyer's shoulder. Sawyer then wants some gratitude for having taken a bullet. Michael has no intention of giving him any because Sawyer was just trying to save himself. Sawyer then says that since Michael wants him off the raft, then he's got it. Sawyer paddles the raft over a ways. He then gets in the water, swims over to and climbs onto another raft remnant. He then tells Michael that he got shot because he was trying to save Walt.

Flashback: Michael is at a hearing over custody of Walt with his lawyer, Susan, her lawyer and the judge. Susan's lawyer goes on the attack by asking when he last saw Walt. His answer is "about a year ago." It was fourteen months according to the lawyer. She then asks why so long and he answers that Susan took him to Amsterdam . She then points out that he is now filing an injunction over Walt going to Rome . Walt's lawyer warns him that she is baiting, but Michael answers anyway. The lawyer also points out that Susan paid for the care that Michael received while recovering from the injuries sustained in his accident. Michael claims that he didn't ask for her help. Susan's lawyer then asks Michael what Walt's first words were or favorite food is. Michael doesn't know, but his defense is that he's Walt's father.

Michael and Sawyer are sitting on their raft pieces when Michael notices that Sawyer is doing something with his bullet wound. Sawyer Michael asks if he's going to dig out the bullet with his hand. Sawyer asks him if he has a better idea. Michael says that he can't do it himself. Sawyer says that they parted ways. Michael counters that they are both caught in the same current. Sawyer tells Michael to shut up. Sawyer then digs in the wound and pulls the bullet out. He throws it into the water, grabs the wound, weakly asks for a band-aid and then slumps down on his raft remnant.

Back in the hatch Desmond asks if Locke is "you." Locke says he is as he stands back up. Desmond is happy that he's there, but is in disbelief that he finally came. Desmond then asks Locke about Kate. Locke says that she's with him. Desmond then asks him a pass-phrase ("What did one snowman say to the other snowman?"), which Locke doesn't know. Desmond orders him to drop the knife, because Locke isn't "him." He then wants to know who they are. Kate and Locke that they were in a plane crash 44 days ago. He doesn't seem to believe them. Desmond orders them to move and Locke notices a wall covered with scratch marks apparently counting the days (months?) which prompts him to ask Desmond how long he's been in the hatch. Desmond just tells him to "shut it." He reaches into a cabinet, grabs some rope, tosses it to Kate and tells her to tie Locke up. Locke tells him that Kate is the dangerous one, because she's a fugitive. Desmond asks him who he is and Locke answers that he's just a regional manager of a box company. Desmond then tells him to tie her up. When Locke reaches for the rope, Kate starts to resist until Desmond reminds her that he's got the gun. Locke ties her up while she asks what he's doing. He says he's doing what's best and slips another knife into her waist. Desmond then directs Locke to put Kate in a closet. Kate pleads for him to stop as Locke closes the door on her.

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