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Lost Season Two Episodes
Adrift (#202) Island Mysteries:

The Dharma logo:
The Dharma logo is everywhere in this episode. It's on the power box in the hatch access hallway. It's on the vials that Desmond injects himself with. It's on his uniform. The logo is all over the canned and dry goods that Kate finds in the storeroom. However, most disturbingly, the logo is on the shark that stalks Michael and Sawyer.

The Hatch:
A little more was revealed about the hatch. There is an artificial light behind the blind overlooking the dining table. Desmond has a storeroom stocked with canned and dry goods. The numbers are entered to reset a counter every 108 minutes. Kate, who was hiding in the air ducts, was nearly struck by Desmond's warning shot over Jack's head during the standoff.

The Others:
There are more people on the Island. They captured Jin, but he managed to escape. They don't look friendly, since they tied him up and were coming after him with sticks and clubs.

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