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Lost Season Two Episode Summaries
Adrift (#202):

Act 4:
Desmond makes Locke go over by the eyepiece. As Desmond takes a look, he asks Locke who he is. Locke tells him that Jack is a doctor. Desmond wants to know why he's in the hatch and Locke answers that he's surprised to see him. Desmond sees that Jack has a gun. He makes Locke move over to the record player where he turns on the music. He tells Locke to be quiet or he'll shoot. Kate sees Jack through the vent behind the fan overlooking the dome. She calls him, but the music is too loud and he doesn't hear. Kate watches as Jack nears the computer terminal and is stopped by Locke. The sequence from the end of episode 201 is seen again with the addition of Kate's perspective from up in the vent. The shot that Desmond fired hits right near where Kate was watching from. The sequence again ends with Jack's recognition of Desmond.

Michael and Sawyer sit on the raft. Sawyer spots something floating nearby and starts paddling toward it. Michael recognizes one of the pontoons and tells Sawyer to stop paddling because the vines are straining and may come apart. Sawyer continues anyway and his part of the raft falls apart. He slips into the water, but Michael grabs him. He wants him to climb on, but Sawyer says that they would both sink. He decides to make for the pontoon. A shot of them from underwater gives a glimpse of the shark, which also has the now ever-present Dharma logo on it. Sawyer gives Michael the gun and starts swimming for the raft. The shark closes in and Michael attempts to fire the gun twice. When the shark is nearly upon Sawyer, Michael succeeds in firing several shots. The last shot results in a spray of blood from behind the shark's fin, but everything is quiet and Sawyer has disappeared. Michael puts the gun down, calls for Sawyer and paddles his piece over to the pontoon. Just then, Sawyer appears from the other side of the pontoon. Michael helps him struggle onto the pontoon and then he makes his own way onto the pontoon, apparently leaving the gun behind.

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