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Adrift (#202) "Michael" Flashbacks:

Michael is toying with his cane. Someone asks him about his leg. He explains that he was hit by a car. He is in a lawyer's office. The lawyer says he has the paperwork that Michael's ex-wife sent over. Michael corrects him in that she is not his ex-wife, just Walt's mother. He explains that she got a job in Rome with her boyfriend and wants to take Walt with her. The lawyer says that he will take care of him, addressing him incorrectly. Michael corrects him. The lawyer then explains that Susan wants him to sign away all his paternal rights to his son, so Brian can adopt Walt. Michael asks if he can stop her from going and the lawyer answers that they could file an injunction preventing her from leaving the city. Michael says that is what he wants. The lawyer explains that since Michael is in his office, he knows that he's the best lawyer that Michael could afford. He explains it will take a lot of money (even at his rates. Michael insists, because he won't let them take his son.

Michael is at a hearing over custody of Walt with his lawyer, Susan, her lawyer and the judge. Susan's lawyer goes on the attack by asking when he last saw Walt. His answer is "about a year ago." It was fourteen months according to the lawyer. She then asks why so long and he answers that Susan took him to Amsterdam. She then points out that he is now filing an injunction over Walt going to Rome. Walt's lawyer warns him that she is baiting, but Michael answers anyway. The lawyer also points out that Susan paid for the care that Michael received while recovering from the injuries sustained in his accident. Michael claims that he didn't ask for her help. Susan's lawyer then asks Michael what Walt's first words were or favorite food is. Michael doesn't know, but his defense is that he's Walt's father.

Michael walks in to the room and sees Susan alone. He asks where her lawyers are. She says she wanted to see him alone, but he can have his lawyer present if he wants. She then tells him that she thinks that he will win in court and prevent her from leaving the country with Walt. She then asks why he's doing all this. He answers that it's because Walt is his son. She says that she knows that he doesn't care what's best for her, but in Rome she'll be a senior partner and be able to provide Walt with whatever he needs. She then points out that he's still on disability, can't work and is about to be evicted. She says that no one is winning, so he tells her to stop. She pleads with him to give himself a chance to recover and get his art career going. He says he's Walt's father and Walt is his responsibility as well. She says that they need to do what is best for Walt, so he needs to let Walt go. She takes out a document. She says that she doesn't want to go to court and asks Michael to "let him go."

Michael is sitting on a park bench, holding his cane. Susan and Walt walk up and Michael gets up. Susan apologizes for being late, but she's been packing since the flight leaves in the morning. Susan tries to get Walt to say hello, but he is silent. Michael tells him hello, but stops before telling him that he's father. He then takes out a stuffed bear (polar bear?), asking Susan if he likes them. She says he does, but that he's shy. He then squats down and tells Walt that since he's going away, he won't see him for a while, but he's going to be taken care of by his mother and Brian. Lastly, Michael says that Walt's daddy loves him very much and that "I always will." Walt won't go to him and Susan apologizes, but Michael tells him that it is okay. He then gives Susan the bag with the bear, tells her to let Walt know that it's from him and they exchange goodbyes. Michael watches them walk off as he starts to tear up.

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