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Lost Season Two Episode Summaries
Everybody Hates Hugo (#204):

Act 1:
Flashback #1: Hurley holds his lotto ticket with the "numbers." He's at home watching TV as the winning numbers are being read off and match his ticket, including the Mega Number. As the hosts describe the near record jackpot, Hurley faints. Carmen comes in and wakes him up. She wants to know what happened. She asks him if it was his heart and he says he slipped. She says she can tell when he's lying. Hurley balls up the ticket and tells her that it was something he ate. She says he needs to exercise. She says that all he does is work to eat chicken. She tells him that his life needs to change. She says that he can pray and maybe Jesus will come down from heaven, take 200 pounds [from Hugo], give him a good woman and a new car. He says that maybe he doesn't want to change because he likes his life. The phone rings and she goes in the other room to answer it. She then makes a couple of sarcastic remarks about Jesus being on the phone with her.

Hurley is on the beach and Charlie walks up with Aaron. He wants to know what is in the hatch. Hurley says that there's nothing really. Charlie points out that he's been there a day and a night. Hurley explains that it's like a World War II bunker, only newer. Charlie asks him what is in it and Hurley answers that he doesn't know because someone told him that it was a bunker. Charlie says he's lying and makes a reference to Hurley telling him that he's worth $150 million. Hurley corrects him: it was $156 million. Charlie gets mad, makes a few snide comments and walks off.

Rose is washing laundry on the beach. Hurley comes along and starts helping. Hurley asks her if she wants to know what is in the hatch. She says that it's his business. She says that whatever it is, it won't help her get the laundry done. He says that it will.

Rose and Hurley walk up a hill. Hurley finds a wooden door, hidden in the shadow of the hill. They walk down some stairs into the hatch bunker. As they walk down the corridor, Rose wants to know what it is all for. Hurley says that it's a long story. Jack appears and asks if Hurley told anyone else. Hurley says that he didn't tell anyone else, but that it's a big job, that he needs help and she won't tell anyone. Rose says that she's not sure what she would say.

Claire walks along the beach alone when she spots a bottle in the surf. It washes up right to her. She picks it up, notices that it is full of messages and realizes that it's the bottle of messages that Charlie gave to the "rafties" just before they left.

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