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Lost Season Two Episode Summaries
Everybody Hates Hugo (#204):

Act 2:
Jack opens up the storeroom. Rose and Hurley follow him in. Rose asks if it's all food and Jack acknowledges that it will only be a matter of time before they have to tell everyone. He asks Hurley if he knows what to do. Hurley answers that he needs to inventory it and figure out how to make it last. Jack says that no one can have anything until they decide what to do and it's Hurley's responsibility to make sure of that. The beeping for the counter is then heard and Rose wants to know what it is, but Hurley comments that she doesn't.

Hurley and Rose are taking inventory of Dharma-issued Ranch-composite salad dressing. Next, he finds the Apollo candy bars. This reminds Rose of Bernard. Hurley asks if he was her husband. She corrects him saying that he "is" her husband. Hurley points out that Bernard was in the back of the airplane. Rose gives him a look, which prompts Hurley to apologize. She says that it's okay because she is sure that Bernard is fine. She then asks Hurley to grab the canned tuna. Hurley then says that everyone is going to hate him, but she says that's silly because he's about the only person that everyone likes. He says that that is about to change. Kate walks in, asking if they found any shampoo. Rose points out where it is, but Hurley says that Kate can't take it. As he does so, she walks in, grabs a bottle, tells him thank you and walks out. Rose tells Hurley that it's only one bottle and he says that's how it starts.

Flashback #2: Hurley is looking at his lotto ticket while at work at a fast food chicken restaurant. One of his co-workers, Johnny, asks him if he's okay. Hurley answers that he is and then he's called into the manager's office.

Flashback #2 con't: Hurley sits in the manager's office. His manager is Randy. Randy asks Hurley if he has anything to tell him and Hurley says no. Randy turns on the previous evening's surveillance tape which shows Hurley eating a piece of chicken while reading. Randy tells him that he owes the company for an 8-piece chicken dinner and that he needs to put only two napkins per customer. He goes on a rant and then waits for Hurley to respond. Hurley takes off his hat and hairnet, throws them down, gets up, tells Randy, "I quit," and walks out.

Flashback #2 con't: Outside in the Mr. Cluck's parking lot, Hurley is breathing into a to-go bag as he tries to calm down. Johnny comes, walks over to him and asks if he's okay. Hurley answers that he's fine. Johnny tells him that Randy is "losing his brain." Hurley tells Johnny that he should go back inside or Randy will have him scrubbing the bathrooms the rest of the week. Johnny says that he quit too and that they have themselves a day off.

Locke is walking in the forest. He picks up some fruit. He tells someone that they can come out because he saw them at the rock and the mangrove tree. He even points out that he's walked in a circle. Charlie appears. Locke wants to know why he been following him. Charlie wants in on the secrets. Locke asks him what he wants to know.

Sayid is battering away at the blocked passage. Jack walks up and asks how it's going. Sayid answers that it's not, because there is more concrete behind the door. He even estimates that there is eight to ten feet worth. Jack then shows him how his key is drawn away from his neck by a magnetic force. Sayid comments that it 's a good thing that his battering ram is made of titanium (where did he find that?), which has almost no magnetic attraction. He says that they won't be able to get to it up here and then shows Jack a grate which opens to a passage under the floor. He says that maybe they can go under it.

At the pit, the trap door opens up. The mysterious island man throws the rope down and tells Sawyer to grab the rope. Sawyer refuses, saying he wants to know if his friends are okay. Michael shows himself. Ana Lucia then tells Sawyer that he either climbs up now or he'll stay in there. Michael tells him that everything is okay and that they believe that they were on Flight 815 as well. Ana Lucia notices that Sawyer has a rock. She tells him to drop it even though the mysterious island man tries to caution her. Sawyer tries to talk, but she decks him. Jin is stopped by the mysterious island man from going over to Sawyer. Ana Lucia then steps on Sawyer's hurt arm. She goes on a rant, making it clear that she gives the orders and he follows them or he goes back in the pit. She lets him up and then says that they are moving out. Sawyer wants to know where they are going. Ana Lucia reminds him of what she just said. He says that he forgot and then says that if she hits him again, he'll kill her. This produces the hint of a smile from Ana Lucia. They start heading out. Sawyer waits until the last moment and finally follows.

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