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Everybody Hates Hugo (#204):

Act 3:
Charlie asks if Desmond pushed the button every 108 minutes, which Locke says he did. Charlie then asks if Desmond slept, but Locke doesn't know. Charlie wants to know why Desmond just left and again Locke doesn't know. Locke says that he was unable to track Desmond, and guesses that Desmond figured that his replacements had arrived. Charlie observes that it's nutty. Charlie wants to know what happens if they don't push the button, but Locke says that they aren't going to find out. Locke explains that his system is for 2-man six hour shifts for pushing the button. Charlie is nearly incredulous, so Locke chimes in that there is a record player. Charlie asks about Hurley has been doing in the hatch. Locke tells him that Hurley's in charge of the food. Charlie asks, "Food?" as Locke walks off.

Hurley takes a seat under a tree by the beach. Charlie walks up and sits down. He asks Hurley where he's been and Hurley says "around." Charlie tells Hurley that he knows about the food. Hurley says that Locke is lying. Charlie asks if Locke is lying about the button that has to be pushed every 108 minutes, which catches Hurley. Hurley says that Jack put him in charge. Charlie asks if there is any peanut butter and Hurley says that there are a couple of jars. Charlie asks for one for Claire. Hurley says he can't and Charlie accuses him of being "the man." He tells Hurley that he's changed and stalks off.

Flashback #3: Hurley and Johnny are looking through CDs in a music store as they make a miserable attempt to sing along with Driveshaft's hit. Johnny disses Driveshaft and Hurley tells him that he's going to check out the headphones.

Flashback #3 con't: A girl peeks out from behind the counter and sees Hurley. She greets him rather warmly. Hurley calls her Starla. She asks why they aren't at work. Johnny chimes in that they "are exploring other opportunities." She asks Hurley if he quit and he says that he did. Johnny says that Hurley is "mixing it up today." Hurley then asks to see a pair of headphones. Starla gets the headphones down and tells Hurley that he's her rock, so his quitting is a sign of things starting to fall apart. He puts the headphones and because the music is loud, he yells her name. She reaches over and takes the headphones off of Hurley and smiles. He starts to say that he had heard that The Hold Steady was playing at The Troubadour on Friday. Before he can ask her, she says that she has to work on Friday. He starts to backtrack and then she says that she could go on Saturday.

Flashback #3 con't: As they walk out of the music store, Johnny points out that Hurley's had a crush on her for months and done nothing and yet today he's "Fabio." Hurley nearly knocks over a rack of CDs. Johnny wants to know what is going on. Hurley says that he just wanted to ask her out before . Johnny asks "before what?"

In the hatch bunker, Jack and Sayid make their way to the same spot under the blocked passageway. Sayid finds that not only have they poured concrete down there, but it's just as thick as above. Jack suggests that there might be a way around it. Jack looks at the pipes and wonders what it all is. Sayid guesses that there is a geothermal generator behind the concrete, which is the power source. Sayid tells Jack to be careful of the pipes because they are very hot. They soon find even this passageway is blocked and Jack asks him what he thinks about the hatch bunker. Sayid's response is that the last time he heard of concrete being poured over everything in the same way was Chernobyl . They suddenly hear a noise. Jack hands the flashlight over to Sayid and goes to check it out.

Jack climbs up through a grate. He spots steam coming from around the corner. He stands up, walks over and pushes the door open to find Kate in a towel. He awkwardly says, "Hey." She replies with the same. As he continues to stand there, she steps around to get to her clothes and he observes that she took a shower. She responds that she had to see if it worked. As she gathers up her clothes, he asks how it was. She says that the pressure sucked, it went cold at one point and even smelled like sulfur, but it was a shower. As she walks up to get past him, she comments that he could use one. He says maybe later. As she squeezes by him, she says that she'll leave the shampoo for him. She walks out and he gazes after her.

In the jungle, the tailies are walking through the forest. Libby loses her balance and Michael helps steady her, which allows her to introduce herself to him. She asks how many survivors are on the other side of the Island and he answers that there are around forty. Michael then asks her how many survived from the tail section and she answers twenty-three.

More walking through the forest and the mysterious island man asks Sawyer if he is okay. Sawyer wants to know why he cares now. He apologizes to Sawyer, saying that it was a misunderstanding. Sawyer implies that it was bigger than a misunderstanding. Ana Lucia comes to a stop and tells Sawyer that she said there was to be no talking. Sawyer says that Eko was talking to him. She then says, "We're here." She steps into the deep foliage and reveals a door. She taps out a knocking code and it opens.

Michael, Sawyer and Jin follow the "tailies" down a passageway past a couple of Dharma logos to an open area where only a handful of people can be seen. Michael looks around as Bernard and Cindy can be seen talking and then turns to Libby and says that he thought she said that there were twenty-three survivors. She says, "There were ."

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