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Everybody Hates Hugo (#204):

This summary was written during the episode's first airing, so be prepared for some omissions and incorrect details as a result.

Previously (Recap):
Charlie has gathered a bottle full of messages and gives it to Michael and Sawyer. They return to the Island and see Jin running to them on the beach. They are thrown into the pit. Ana Lucia is thrown into the pit. She grabs the gun and is pulled out of the pit.

The record player plays Slim Smith as Hurley goes through the food. He samples some candy, chips, cereal, milk and steak. Jin appears and starts speaking English. Hurley says he's speaking English and Jin tells Hurley that he's actually speaking Korean. Hurley starts speaking in Korean. Jin tells Hurley that everything is going to change. Jin is joined by a man in a chicken suit. The beeping is heard and then Kate calls Hurley. Hurley wakes up. He's at the computer desk. Kate tells him to type in the numbers.

In the pit, Jin, Michael and Sawyer discuss what to do. Sawyer says that Ana Lucia is up there discussing what to do with them, but doesn't want to try and climb out again. The trap door open and the mysterious island man throws a rope down. He asks them to climb the rope and even says please after a moment. Jin starts to, but Sawyer tells him not to. Ana Lucia appears and points the gun and orders them to climb. Jin climbs up. She orders Michael next. Sawyer doesn't want him to and she hits Sawyer with a rock. Michael climbs up. Sawyer smarts off and she slams the trap door shut on him.

Act 1:
Flashback: The lottery numbers are being read off. Hurley has his ticket and faints. Carmen comes in and wakes him up. She wants to know what happened. Hurley balls up the ticket and tells her that it was something he ate. She tells him that his life needs to change. She says that he can pray and maybe Jesus will give him a new car. He says that he likes his life. The phone rings and she goes in the other room to answer it.

Hurley is on the beach and Charlie walks up with Aaron. He wants to know what is in the hatch. Hurley explains that it's like a bunker. Charlie says he's lying and makes a reference to Hurley telling him that he's worth $150 million. Hurley corrects him: it was $156 million. Charlie gets mad and walks off.

Rose is hanging laundry. Hurley comes along and starts helping. Hurley asks her if she wants to know. She says that it's his business. She says that whatever it is, it won't help get the laundry done. He says that it will.

Rose and Hurley walk up a hill. Hurley finds a wooden door, hidden in the shadow of the hill. They walk down some stairs into the bunker. As they walk down the corridor, Rose wants to know what it is. Hurley says that it's a long story. Jack appears and asks if Hurley told anyone else. Hurley says that he has a big job and he needs help. Rose says that she's not sure what how she would describe what she's seeing if anyone asks.

Claire is on the beach when she spots a bottle in the surf. It washes up right to her. She picks it up and finds that it is full of messages.

Act 2:
Jack opens up the storeroom. Rose and Hurley follow him. Hurley says that they need to inventory it and Jack says that no one can have any until they do. The beeping is then heard. Time has passed and Hurley and Rose are listing the food. He finds the Apollo candy bars and Rose mentions her husband, Bernard. She is sure that he's okay even though he was in the tail section. Kate walks in, asking for shampoo. He says he can't let her have it, but she walks by grabs a bottle, tells him thank you and walks out. Rose tells Hurley that it's only one bottle and he says that's how it starts.

Flashback: Hurley is at work at a fast food chicken restaurant. He's holding the lottery ticket talking with a co-worker.

Flashback con't: He's called into the manager's office and is shown footage of him eating chicken. His manager, Randy, tells him that he owes for an 8-piece chicken dinner and that he needs to put only two napkins per customer. Hurley quits.

Flashback con't: Outside, Hurley is trying to calm down when his co-worker walks out. He tells Hurley that he quit too.

Locke is walking in the jungle. He calls someone out, who he knows has been following him for a while. Charlie appears and demands to know what is in the hatch.

Sayid is trying to get in the passage as Jack walks up. He reports that he won't be able to, but maybe they can go under it.

At the pit, the trap door opens up and the mysterious island man tells Sawyer to grab the rope. Sawyer climbs up. Michael tells him that everything is okay. Ana Lucia notices that Sawyer has a rock. She tells him to drop it. He refuses. She decks him and makes it clear that she gives the orders. She lets him up and then says that they are moving out. Sawyer wants to know where they are going. Ana Lucia won't answer and he tells her that if she hits him again, he'll kill her. They start heading out. Sawyer waits until the last moment and finally follows.

Act 3:
Charlie asks that Desmond pushed the button every 108 minutes. Charlie then asks where Desmond went. Locke answers that he probably figured that his replacements had arrived. He explains that they are take 2-man six hour shifts with pushing the button and that there is a record player. Charlie asks about Hurley. Locke tells him that he's in charge of the food.

At the beach, Charlie is talking to Hurley about the hatch. Charlie says he knows about the food and asks Hurley to slip him some food. Hurley says he can't and Charlie accuses him of being "the man."

Flashback: Hurley and his buddy are singing Driveshaft's hit. They go to the counter and a nice looking girl is there. Hurley basically makes a date with her, which she agrees to. As they walk out, his buddy wants to know what is with him today with quitting and getting a date.

In the hatch, Jack and Sayid have found that they can't go under. Sayid guesses that there is a geothermal generator. Jack asks him what he thinks it is. Sayid makes a reference to Chernobyl . They hear a noise and follow it. Jack climbs up to find Kate having just come out of the shower.

In the jungle, Libby introduces herself to Michael. She asks how many survivors and he answers 43 and he asks her how many. She answers '23.' The mysterious island man apologizes to Sawyer, saying that it was a misunderstanding. Ana Lucia tells them that there was no talking. Suddenly she comes to a hidden wooden door and knocks on it. It opens and a man (Bernard) opens it. Michael, Sawyer and Jin follow them down a passage to open area where a couple people are. Michael turns to Libby and says that he thought she said that there were twenty-three survivors. She says, "there were."

Act 4:
Sun is in her garden. Claire and Shannon walk up. They show Sun the bottle of messages from the raft and say that they thought she should decide what to do with it.

In the hatch, Locke is checking the guns. Hurley comes in and gets mad at Locke for telling Charlie. Hurley doesn't want to have the job of supervising the food. Locke tells him that he doesn't get to quit.

Hurley hikes through the jungle. He finds a tree, carefully pulls out something. It's some sticks of dynamite.

Flashback: Hurley and his buddy are stealing gnomes. They take them to Randy's house and spell out "cluck you." Randy chases them off. They are driving around and Hurley wants his friend, Johnny, to promise that they won't change.

Back in the hatch, Hurley is rigging the dynamite with a fuse. Rose walks in and asks Hurley what he's doing.

Flashback: Johnny and Hurley drive up to a convenience store. They see a TV crew. Hurley doesn't want to stop, but Johnny stops and hops out. Hurley looks at his ticket.

Back in the hatch, Hurley says that it's going to change because of the food. He says everyone will hate him because he has everything.

Flashback: Johnny runs back to the van and tells Hurley that someone won the lottery. The clerk recognizes Hurley as the one who bought the tick and the TV crew run over to the van. Johnny looks at Hurley strangely.

Act 5:
Hurley explains the food situation to Jack. Jack agrees to go along with Hurley's decision.

Later that night, Hurley gives Charlie some peanut butter and then hands out the rest of the food. Locke shares some food. Shannon shares some food with Vincent. Claire and Aaron share some food. Kate and Jack talk as they eat. Charlie gives Claire the peanut butter. She has a finger full and then wants Charlie to have some. Kate and Jack laugh near the campfire. Hurley walks through the camp as everyone is grateful to him. Charlie gives him a hug.

Down the beach, Sun buries the bottle.

In the bunker, Bernard approaches Michael, Sawyer and Jin. He asks about Rose. They tell him that she's okay. He tells them thank you. Michael and he exchange introductions.

Rose tucks away a candy bar for Bernard and holds his wedding ring.

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