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Lost Season Two Episode Summaries
Everybody Hates Hugo (#204):

The record player begins playing Slim Smith. Hurley is in the hatch storeroom, open-mouthed, as he gazes at the shelves of food. He samples a candy bar, eats a mouthful of chips, pours cereal straight from the box into his mouth and drinks milk from the carton. He opens up a box and finds a plate with a steak, mashed potatoes, carrots and a roll ready to eat. He grabs the steak with his hand, dips it in the mashed potatoes and takes a bite. He eats some ice cream then washes it down with another swig of milk. He stops when he hears someone say hello. He turns to find that it's Jin. Hurley points out that Jin is speaking English, but Jin tells Hurley that he's actually speaking Korean. Hurley then starts speaking Korean (complete with subtitles). Jin is joined by a man in a chicken suit. In Korean, Hurley asks about the chicken guy and Jin tells him that everything is going to change as the computer cursor beep is heard. Jin repeats himself and then wishes Hurley a "clucky-cluck-cluck" day. Then Kate calls Hurley, waking him up. He's at the computer desk and the counter has 3:45 left. Kate asks him if he fell asleep and he answers that he was just resting his eyes. Kate reminds him that the numbers are taped to the computer and Hurley says he remembers the numbers. He types in the numbers as Kate tells him that she'll be taking the next shift because Locke went back to the beach. Kate says that Jack told her about Hurley's job and she comments that it's great that they have jobs again. Hurley is clearly not excited about that as he hits the Execute button and the counter resets to 108.

In the pit, Sawyer is clearly not happy about being played by Ana Lucia. Jin motions to be lifted up and Sawyer refuses. Michael starts yelling to be released until Sawyer tells him to "chill." Michael again reminds Sawyer (and us) that Walt is "out there" alone. Sawyer says there is nothing that they can do until Ana Lucia and her buddies decide what they are going to do with the three of them. Jin motions about Sawyer's shoulder wound which is blackening. After another Sawyer wise-crack, the trap door opens and the mysterious island man throws a rope down. He asks them to climb the rope and even says please after a moment. Jin starts to, but Sawyer tells him not to. Ana Lucia appears and points the gun at Sawyer and orders Jin to climb up or she'll shoot. Jin climbs up. She orders Michael next. Sawyer doesn't want him to and says she's bluffing. She cocks the gun and Sawyer says that she won't waste the bullets. She hits Sawyer in the head with a rock. Michael climbs up. Sawyer smarts off and she slams the trap door shut on him, which prompts Sawyer to call Ana Lucia the most colorful name yet.

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