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Lost Season Two Episode Summaries
Everybody Hates Hugo (#204)
Analysis, Notes & Unanswered Questions:

  • The contents of the Hatch are being kept a secret from most of the survivors.
  • Only Hurley, Jack, Kate, Locke, Rose and Sayid have been in the Hatch
  • Charlie knows about the button that needs to be pushed every 108 minutes and the food stores.
  • The others who captured Jin, Michael and Sawyer are all survivors from the tail section.
  • The tailies are staying in what appears to be another Dharma bunker, although theirs is much more primitive than the hatch.
  • Bernard is indeed alive with other tailies.
  • There were originally twenty-three survivors from the tail section of Flight 815.
  • There is apparently several feet of concrete surrounding the magnet. Sayid refers to Chernobyl , which was site of a nuclear reactor meltdown. The reactor was covered over by several feet of concrete after the accident.
  • Hurley was reluctant about winning the lotto and his life changing.
  • After Hurley received the lottery winnings, some conflict or resentment must have appeared within his circle of friends and family because he is concerned about the survivors hating him for having everything (the food). He eliminates the possibility of it happening again by deciding to give away all the food immediately.
  • The knowledge of the winning lotto ticket nonetheless gave Hurley the courage to quit his job at Mr. Cluck's, ask Starla out and steal lawn gnomes as part of a practical joke on Randy.
  • Randy, Hurley's manager at Mr. Cluck's, appears to be the same Randy who was Locke's supervisor at the box company, which Hurley bought as an investment with his lotto winnings.
  • When Sun first places the bottle of messages in the hole that she dug, her wedding ring can be seen on her finger, but after she has covered the bottle up, the ring is gone. Her missing ring is one of the story threads in episode #205.

  • Notes:
    The Hold Steady is a real band that has played at The Troubadour.

    Unanswered Questions:
  • What has happened to the tailies that they have gone from twenty-three survivors to far fewer?
  • Why is their Dharma bunker in a much more primitive state than the Hatch? Was it designed that way? Was it never completed? Was it stripped?
  • How did the tailies find their Dharma bunker considering how well hidden its entrance was?
  • Why is there apparently several feet of concrete surrounding the magnet? Why does Sayid think of Chernobyl for comparison?
  • How did Rose know that Bernard had survived? Blind faith? Intuition? Or something else?
  • Why was Hurley so reluctant to bring about change to his life by winning the lotto?
  • Why is Hurley so concerned about the change that the surplus of food will bring? Aside from the obvious threat of accusations of preferential treatment for some survivors, Hurley says that everyone will hate him because he has everything now. What happened when he won the lottery that makes him think that things will turn out poorly for him now?
  • How was the convenience store clerk able to remember and recognize Hurley as the one who bought the winning lotto ticket?
  • How did Randy end up at the box company as Locke's supervisor after having been Hurley's manager at Mr. Cluck's?

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