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Everybody Hates Hugo (#204) "Hurley" Flashbacks:

Hurley holds his lotto ticket with the "numbers." He's at home watching TV as the winning numbers are being read off and match his ticket, including the Mega Number. As the hosts describe the near record jackpot, Hurley faints. Carmen comes in and wakes him up. She wants to know what happened. She asks him if it was his heart and he says he slipped. She says she can tell when he's lying. Hurley balls up the ticket and tells her that it was something he ate. She says he needs to exercise. She says that all he does is work to eat chicken. She tells him that his life needs to change. She says that he can pray and maybe Jesus will come down from heaven, take 200 pounds [from Hugo], give him a good woman and a new car. He says that maybe he doesn't want to change because he likes his life. The phone rings and she goes in the other room to answer it. She then makes a couple of sarcastic remarks about Jesus being on the phone with her.

Hurley is looking at his lotto ticket while at work at a fast food chicken restaurant. One of his co-workers, Johnny, asks him if he's okay. Hurley answers that he is and then he's called into the manager's office.

#2 Con't:
Hurley sits in the manager's office. His manager is Randy (who has already been seen as Locke's supervisor at the box company that Hurley ends up buying). Randy asks Hurley if he has anything to tell him and Hurley says no. Randy turns on the previous evening's surveillance tape which shows Hurley eating a piece of chicken while reading. Randy tells him that he owes the company for an 8-piece chicken dinner and that he needs to put only two napkins per customer. He goes on a rant and then waits for Hurley to respond. Hurley takes off his hat and hairnet, throws them down, gets up, tells Randy, "I quit," and walks out.

#2 Con't:
Outside in the Mr. Cluck's parking lot, Hurley is breathing into a to-go bag as he tries to calm down. Johnny comes, walks over to him and asks if he's okay. Hurley answers that he's fine. Johnny tells him that Randy is "losing his brain." Hurley tells Johnny that he should go back inside or Randy will have him scrubbing the bathrooms the rest of the week. Johnny says that he quit too and that they have themselves a day off.

Hurley and Johnny are looking through CDs in a music store as they make a miserable attempt to sing along with Driveshaft's hit. Johnny disses Driveshaft and Hurley tells him that he's going to check out the headphones.

#3 Con't:
A girl peeks out from behind the counter and sees Hurley. She greets him rather warmly. Hurley calls her Starla. She asks why they aren't at work. Johnny chimes in that they "are exploring other opportunities." She asks Hurley if he quit and he says that he did. Johnny says that Hurley is "mixing it up today." Hurley then asks to see a pair of headphones. Starla gets the headphones down and tells Hurley that he's her rock, so his quitting is a sign of things starting to fall apart. He puts the headphones and because the music is loud, he yells her name. She reaches over and takes the headphones off of Hurley and smiles. He starts to say that he had heard that The Hold Steady was playing at The Troubadour on Friday. Before he can ask her, she says that she has to work on Friday. He starts to backtrack and then she says that she could go on Saturday.

#3 Con't:
As they walk out of the music store, Johnny points out that Hurley's had a crush on her for months and done nothing and yet today he's "Fabio." Hurley nearly knocks over a rack of CDs. Johnny wants to know what is going on. Hurley says that he just wanted to ask her out before . Johnny asks "before what?"

It's nighttime and Johnny tells Hurley to be careful. They run to their van with a couple more lawn gnomes to add to their collection. Johnny asks if they have enough and Hurley says they do. They climb into the van.

#4 Con't:
Hurley and Johnny are setting the gnomes up. Randy comes out of his house and they run for the van. They climb in and take off in the van. As Randy runs to the edge of the street, the audience can see that they used the lawn gnomes to spell out "cluck you."

#4 Con't:
Johnny hangs out the driver's side van window yelling, "freedom," as he drives down the street. As he slips back inside the van, Hurley asks him what he's doing. Johnny asks Hurley if there is anything else he wants to do because their day off is about to end. He says that tomorrow they will need to find new jobs, like maybe at Pizza Bin or Gyro-rama. He "kinda digs the chick at Pizza Bin." Hurley wants Johnny to promise that they will never change. Johnny guesses that because Hurley is acting strangely, he must be getting stomach stapling surgery. Hurley denies that this is the case. Johnny continues to go on about the stomach stapling. Hurley stays serious and insists that Johnny promises that the two of them will always stay the same. Johnny says that only will he promise to do so, but he will even drink to it. He then asks Hurley if he can borrow a couple dollars.

Johnny and Hurley drive up to a convenience store. They see a TV crew interviewing the store clerk. Johnny wonders why the news crew is there. Hurley says they shouldn't go there, because they jack the prices up. Johnny suggests that maybe someone got shot as he climbs out of the van. Hurley watches the scene and then takes out his lotto ticket.

#5 Con't:
Hurley is looking at his winning lotto ticket. He folds it. Johnny calls to him from the parking lot and says that someone won the lottery.

#5 Con't:
The clerk points and says that that is the guy. Johnny looks back and the clerk and sees that the clerk is pointing past him. at Hurley. As the news crew and onlookers gather around the van, Hurley can be heard telling Rose that he will be in the middle of it all. He will be asked why he gave Kate the shampoo and why someone else didn't get peanut butter. Johnny looks at Hurley strangely as Hurley tells Rose that everyone will question why he has everything and gets to decide and then they will hate him. He says he doesn't know what to do. Hurley stops talking and Rose tries to comfort him and then the scene cuts back to the convenience store as Johnny continues to look at Hurley as people gather around the van.

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