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Everybody Hates Hugo (#204):

Act 4:
Sun tends her garden. Claire, holding Aaron, and Shannon walk up. She wants to know what is wrong. Claire explains that she found something in the water and after telling Shannon , they decided that Sun should know. Shannon holds out the bottle of messages from the raft. Sun takes the bottle and Claire says that she and Shannon thought that Sun should decide what to do.

In the hatch bunker, Locke is in the weapons armory, checking the guns. Hurley comes in and asks him why he told Charlie. Locke says, "because he asked." Hurley tells Locke that he shouldn't have told Charlie, that Locke should have listened to him about not going into the hatch at all and that now it's all going to change. As Hurley starts to walk away, Locke says that change is good. The statement brings Hurley back to the doorway and he says that he knows that that is not true, in spite of what people say. He then rants about having to be the one to tell Claire, with her Island baby, that she can't have peanut butter. Locke begins to silently laugh. Hurley attempts to quit his job of supervising the food. Locke says, "No." He explains that they all have their jobs. His is to convince everyone to push the button every 108 minutes without knowing the why or the what. Locke offers to trade. Hurley says that he doesn't want to do it. Locke says that he's had a lot of jobs that he didn't want to do, but he still did them. He tells Hurley that he doesn't get to quit. Hurley says okay and leaves.

Hurley hikes through the jungle. He looks around and finds a particular tree. He reaches in and carefully pulls out a bundle. He opens it to reveal a pair of sticks of dynamite.

Flashback #4: It's nighttime and Johnny tells Hurley to be careful. They run to their van with a couple more lawn gnomes to add to their collection. Johnny asks if they have enough and Hurley says they do. They climb into the van.

Flashback #4 con't: Hurley and Johnny are setting the gnomes up. Randy comes out of his house and they run for the van. They climb in and take off in the van. As Randy runs to the edge of the street, the audience can see that they used the lawn gnomes to spell out "cluck you."

Flashback #4 con't: Johnny hangs out the driver's side van window yelling, "freedom," as he drives down the street. As he slips back inside the van, Hurley asks him what he's doing. Johnny asks Hurley if there is anything else he wants to do because their day off is about to end. He says that tomorrow they will need to find new jobs, like maybe at Pizza Bin or Gyro-rama. He "kinda digs the chick at Pizza Bin." Hurley wants Johnny to promise that they will never change. Johnny guesses that because Hurley is acting strangely, he must be getting stomach stapling surgery. Hurley denies that this is the case. Johnny continues to go on about the stomach stapling. Hurley stays serious and insists that Johnny promises that the two of them will always stay the same. Johnny says that only will he promise to do so, but he will even drink to it. He then asks Hurley if he can borrow a couple dollars.

Hurley unwraps the dynamite and is rigging the fuse. Rose walks in to the storeroom and asks Hurley what he's got. After a moment, he tells Rose that it's dynamite. She asks what he's doing with it. He simply says that he's sorry because he can't let it happen again.

Flashback #5: Johnny and Hurley drive up to a convenience store. They see a TV crew interviewing the store clerk. Johnny wonders why the news crew is there. Hurley says they shouldn't go there, because they jack the prices up. Johnny suggests that maybe someone got shot as he climbs out of the van. Hurley watches the scene and then takes out his lotto ticket.

In the hatch storeroom, Rose wants to know why he's doing it. Hurley tells her to just leave. She says that he's going to hurt someone. He answers that no one will if he does it outside the think door and makes sure that no one is around first. He again asks her to leave, but she refuses. She says because he hauled her off to the beach into the hatch, he's going to give her an explanation. Hurley says that everything is going to change because of the food.

Flashback #5 con't: Hurley is looking at his winning lotto ticket. He folds it. Johnny calls to him from the parking lot and says that someone won the lottery.

In the hatch storeroom, Hurley tells Rose that they were all fine until they had any potato chips. He says that everyone is going to want them. If Steve gets them, then Charlie will be angry, not at Steve, but at Hurley.

Flashback #5 con't: The clerk points and says that that is the guy. Johnny looks back and the clerk and sees that the clerk is pointing past him. at Hurley. As the news crew and onlookers gather around the van, Hurley can be heard telling Rose that he will be in the middle of it all. He will be asked why he gave Kate the shampoo and why someone else didn't get peanut butter. Johnny looks at Hurley strangely as Hurley tells Rose that everyone will question why he has everything and gets to decide and then they will hate him. He says he doesn't know what to do. Hurley stops talking and Rose tries to comfort him and then the scene cuts back to the convenience store as Johnny continues to look at Hurley as people gather around the van.

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