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Lost Season Two Episode Summaries
Everybody Hates Hugo (#204):

Act 5:
As dusk settles over the beach camp, Hurley tells Jack that the inventory is done and it's the only way. Jack seems surprised. Hurley explains that there is enough food in the hatch storeroom to feed one person three meals a day for three months, but that they have forty people to feed, so it won't work. He tells Jack that since he was put in charge, then this is what he's doing. Jack agrees to go along with Hurley's decision and walks off.

Later that night, Hurley gives Charlie a jar of peanut butter and then continues to hand out the food. The survivors are gathered around several small fires on the beach. Locke shares some of his food. Shannon shares some food with Vincent. Kate and Jack talk as they eat. Claire and Aaron share some food. Charlie gives Claire the peanut butter. She opens it, takes a sniff, eats a finger full and then wants Charlie to have some. Kate and Jack laugh as they continue to eat. Hurley walks through the camp as everyone shows their gratitude with Charlie giving him a hug.

Down the beach away from the festivities, Sun buries the bottle of messages in the sand.

In the "tailies" bunker, Michael, Sawyer and Jin watch the "tailies" have an animated discussion. The man who opened the door when they first arrived approaches them. He asks if there is a woman named Rose with their group of survivors. Sawyer describes her and the man nods. He asks if she is okay. Michael tells him that she is fine. Michael introduces himself. He tells Michael thank you and introduces himself as Bernard.

At the beach camp, Rose tucks away a candy bar for Bernard and holds his wedding ring.

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