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Lost Season Two Episode Summaries
"... and Found" (#205):

Act 1:
Ana-Lucia takes a look from the doorway of their bunker and decides that it's all clear. The rest follow her out. Sawyer suggests making an escape, but Michael wants to know more about what is going on with the "tailies" before he does anything.

Ana Lucia stops in a nearby clearing and announces that they are going to split up into the pairs, move quickly and not make any noise. Michael asks her to take a minute to explain why they are so edgy. Ana Lucia makes a snide comment about "swapping stories on the road." The mysterious island man says he going to go scout before they move out. Ana Lucia tells Cindy to go with him. She tells Libby to go look for fruit and take Michael with her. Sawyer says, "Wait," but Michael tells Sawyer that "it's cool" as he starts to leave. She and Bernard will gather fish. Jin says "fish." Sawyer says that Jin knows how to fish, so they should take him with them. She says "fine."

At the beach camp, Sun goes through her belongings, searching for her ring. As Jack walks by, he notices her frantic activity and asks her if she is okay. She answers that she lost her wedding ring. Jack walks over and asks her when she last saw it. She answers that she's so used to having it on, that she doesn't know. Jack says that he once lost his wedding ring. He searched the garbage, emptying the bags, and took apart the bathroom pipes. Sun asks what his wife said. She never found out because he went to a jeweler and had a replica made. He realizes his story doesn't really help. He looks at his ring-less hand and comments that now the ring is in his sock drawer. He offers to help her look, but she declines. Jack nods and gets up.

Jin sits on a rock at the beach holding a net. He breaks off spines from a shellfish and throws them into the surf. Ana-Lucia stands nearby, holding another net while Bernard stands holding a stick. Ana Lucia holds up the net and asks for Jin's help. He shakes his head and continues throwing the spines. She indicates that if he wants to eat, then he needs to help them. Jin says something in Korean. Ana Lucia smarts off about not knowing Korean. He gets up, throws his net in and quickly catches several fish. As Ana Lucia and Bernard look on in amazement, he bundles the net up and says, "fish."

Flashback #3 (Jin): Jin sits across from a man at a desk with his eyes downward. The man interviewing him looks over Jin's resume which indicates that he has worked at the Asiana Hotel. Yes. As a busboy? I became a waiter. The man points out that they don't promote from within and Jin affirms this, saying that he was one of the few exceptions to the practice. The man gets up and asks Jin what village he's from. Jin is surprised by the question. The man points out that he is obviously not from the city and again asks what village he is from. Jin answers that he is from Namhae on the South Coast . The man then comments that Jin smelled of fish. The man then reaches over, pulls the tag off the tie and says that it was sticking out. Jin says "thank you." The man picks up the telephone and says that Jin will be hired. He hangs up the phone and tells Jin that he will start immediately, will work "rain or shine," and will not ask for a raise or time off. The man is interrupted as another man walks in carrying a uniform. Jin stands up and takes the uniform. The man tells him that the Seoul Gateway Hotel is one of the finest hotels in South Korea , so he is not to let in people like himself. Jin answers that he understands and will do his best.

In the forest, Libby apologizes to Michael for the "tailies" throwing him and his friends into the pit. Michael realizes he hadn't thought of them as his friends, but that at least one of them is. Libby observes that "it's not the redneck," and Michael agrees. She says that she never had seen someone so scared in her life and she knows about being scared. Michael asks if they threw them in the pit because they are scared. She nods and adds that they have "trust issues." Michael makes a note of that and then asks where all the fruit is. She says that they have picked the trees pretty well, but that they can sometimes find fruit on the ground. They don't find much fruit. Michael suggests going inland since that's where the fruit is on their side. She says that they don't go that way. Why? That's where "they" come from.

Sawyer sits on one side of the clearing, nodding off, as Ana Lucia, Bernard, Cindy and Jin wrap the fish up in leaves. Sawyer is brought around by a machete being stuck in the log next to him. The mysterious island man tells Sawyer that it's for his protection when they travel. Sawyer reaches over, grabs it and asks him if he made it. The man nods. Sawyer stands up and asks him, his name. It's Mr. Eko. Sawyer repeats it and Eko seems to smile at hearing it. Sawyer then makes a sarcastic comment about Mr. Ed. Before Eko can say anything, Libby runs into the clearing. She quietly tells Ana-Lucia that Michael said something, then took off into the jungle and is gone. Ana-Lucia gets up and announces that they are moving out. Sawyer wants to know what's going on. Ana Lucia says that Michael run off. Libby says he just up and left. Jin starts talking Korean to Sawyer. Bernard asks what he's saying. Jin then says, "Walt."

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