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Lost Season Two Episode Summaries
"... and Found" (#205):

Act 3:
Eko and Jin walk in the jungle. Eko finds an aloe plant and breaks off a piece. Jin asks, "Michael?" Eko says "No," and gives to Jin for the cut from when Eko head butted him. Eko sits down and then observes that Jin is married, because of his ring. Jin answers, "Yes," and then asks Eko the same. Eko answers that he "was." He asks Jin for his wife's name and if she was with Jin on the plane and Jin nods.

In her garden, Sun looks for her ring. She gets upset and starts pulling up the plants and throwing them around in frustration. She breaks down, crying. Locke comes along and asks if she's having a bad day. She doesn't answer, just keeps crying. He offers her a rag to wipe her face, telling her that it's clean. She takes it, tells him thank you and begins to wipe her tears. He asks if it's okay to sit and she nods. She asks if he saw her. Rip up her garden? No. She laughs. He then says that he sometimes wishes that he had a garden to rip up. She observes that she's never seen him angry. He says that he used to get angry and frustrated all the time. She asks if he not frustrated anymore. He says that he's "not lost anymore." She asks how. He answers that he's found what he was looking for, because he stopped looking for it.

Flashback #5 (Sun): Sun checks herself in her makeup mirror. She's sitting at a table in the Seoul Gateway Hotel's restaurant.

Flashback #5 Con't (Jin): Jin opens the door for a departing patron. He hears a car horn honk and goes over to the street. Jae Lee rolls to a stop in his Porsche convertible sports car. Jin greets him and opens the car door for him. Jae Lee asks if he can borrow Jin's flower because he has a date. Jin gives him the flower. Jae Lee tells him thanks. As Jin opens the hotel door for him, Jae Lee asks for his name. Jin gives it to him. Jae Lee again tells him thank you, addressing Jin as "Mr. Kwon." Jae Lee goes inside as Jin allows himself a smile.

Flashback #5 Con't (Sun): Jae Lee finishes telling a Sun a story of how he ended up locked out of his hotel room wearing just a towel. Sun comments that she thought that only happened in the movies. He explains that he had to convince the maid that he owned the hotel, but that she didn't believe him. She observes that he is so normal and he tells her that he thinks that she is great too. As such, he says that he'd like for them to continue to see each other, which will make their parents happy and do away with the matchmakers and the pressure. He then tells her a secret. He explains that while he was at Harvard, he met an American woman and even though he hasn't told his father yet, he's going to move there in six months and marry her. Sun tries to cover her reaction, but Jae Lee notices. He tries to say that he thought she was just playing along like he was. However, she interrupts him. Just then, the hotel manager who had hired Jin comes along and asks if there is anything he can do to be of assistance. Jae Lee says that they are fine. The manager then asks Sun if she would like anything and she graciously declines. She then says that she has an appointment. Jae Lee again tries to stop her, but she brushes him off by thanking him for lunch. She then walks out of the restaurant. Sun makes a hasty exit, thoroughly disappointed that he's not interested in her.

In the jungle, Eko spots tracks and points them out to Jin. He says that they are fresh. Jin asks, "Michael?" Eko says that it is Michael, because "they" don't leave tracks.

Eko and Jin move quickly downhill when Eko comes to a stop and motions for Jin to do the same. Jin tries to talk, but Eko hushes him.

Eko and Jin have hidden in the underbrush. Finally, several pairs of legs move past within feet of their hiding place. All are barefoot, dirty and wear tattered clothing. The last one is carrying a brown teddy bear by a thick string.

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