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"... and Found" (#205):

This summary was written during the episode's first airing, so be prepared for some omissions and incorrect details as a result.

Previously (Recap):
Jin, Michael and Sawyer are in the pit with Ana-Lucia. She takes the gun. Michael says everything is cool now because they talked. Libby tells Michael that there were 23 survivors. Michael asks her about the 23 when they get to the bunker and she says that "there were."

Sun and Claire are on the beach watching the surf. Sun points out that it has been four days. Claire says it could take them two weeks to reach the current according to Michael. Sun suddenly panics as she realizes that she's lost her wedding ring.

Flashback #1 (Sun):
Sun is in her bedroom, getting ready. Her mother comes in and tells her that she'll wear heel-less shoes in case her date is short. Her mother wants her to find a husband soon, since she didn't find out in college. Sun is convinced that she will find one when the time is right.

Flashback #2 (Jin):
Jin is getting ready while he talks with his roommate. Jin is worried that he can't take care of a woman. His roommate says to let her take care of him. He worries that the interviewer won't respect the son of a fisherman.

Jin is sitting in the bunker. The tailies are talking amongst themselves. Michael tells Jin that it will be okay and that he will be with Sun soon. Michael tells Sawyer that he thinks they are trying to decide what to do. Ana-Lucia comes over and tells them to get up, that they are going to lead them to food and water, back to the other survivors.

Act 1:
Ana-Lucia peaks out from the woods and decides that it's all clear. Sawyer suggests making an escape, but Michael wants to know more before he does. Ana-Lucia announces that they are going to split up into the pairs. The island guy says he going to go scout. She tells Libby to take Michael and look for fruit. She, Bernard and Jin will go look for fish.

At the beach camp, Sun is searching for her ring. Jack notices and asks her if she is okay. She tells him that she lost her ring. She doesn't remember when she last had it. Jack says that he once lost his wedding ring. He searched the garbage and took apart the pipes. His wife never found out because he went to a jeweler and had another made. Now its in his sock drawer. He offers to help Sun, but she declines.

At the beach, Jin sits. Ana-Lucia want him to help. He says something in Korean and then throws his net in, catching several fish.

Flashback #3 (Jin):
Jin is at his interview. The interviewer looks over his resume which indicates that he works at a hotel. The interviewer notices that he is from the country. Jin says that he is a son of a fisherman. He is hired and given a uniform for a hotel and told not to let people in like him.

In the jungle, Libby apologizes for what happened in the pit. Libby talks about fear. They don't find much fruit. Michael suggests going inland, but Libby says that that's where "they" come from.

The island man and Sawyer talk and he tells Saywer his name, Mr. Eko. Libby runs in and tells Ana-Lucia that Michael just took off. Ana-Lucia says that they are moving out. Sawyer wants to know what's going on. Jin says something in Korean and then says, "Walt."

Act 2:
Ana-Lucia orders them to move out. She mentions that she has a radio. Sawyer asks if it works. Jin walks to go after Michael, but Sawyer says that Michael won't come back without Walt. Jin starts to leave, but Mr. Eko stops him. Jin punches him. Eko headbutts him. Jin glares at him and Eko lets him go. He points him in the right direction and then follows Jin.

Sun and Hurley are talking on the beach. He asks her what she was doing the day before and she says that she was with Vincent.

They sit in the jungle watching Vincent. Hurley thinks that Vincent ate it.

Flashback #4 (Sun & Jin):
Sun and her mother get out of their car and the matchmaker welcomes them. They walk in past the doorman, who is Jin.

Flashback #4 con't (Sun):
They sit in the hotel. Sun's mother steps away and her and her date talk. He immediately puts her at ease. He knows that she was pressured into meeting him and they seem to hit it off.

Jin and Eko walk in the jungle, tracking Michael. They stop and listen. Jin hears something and takes off. Eko tells him to stop, but he doesn't. A boar comes along and knocks him over. When he gets up, he finds a body. Eko tells him that the man was named Goodwin. Jin asks, "Others?" Eko nods.

Act 3:
Eko and Jin walk in the jungle. Eko finds an aloe plant. He breaks off a piece and gives to Jin for his cut. He then observes that Jin is married, because of his ring. He asks her name and if she was with Jin.

In her garden, Sun looks for her ring. She gets upset and starts pulling up the plants. She breaks down, crying. Locke comes along and asks if she's having a bad day. She doesn't answer. He offers her a rag to wipe her face. He sits down. She asks if he saw her rip up her garden. He says that he didn't. She observes that she's never seen him angry. He says that's because he's found what he was looking for, because he stopped looking for it.

Flashback #5 (Sun): Sun is waiting at a table in the hotel.

Flashback #5 Con't (Jin):
Jin opens the car door for Mr. Lee, Sun's date. Lee asks for Jin's flower, then his name and thanks Jin as he goes inside the hotel.

Flashback #5 Con't (Sun):
Lee and Sun are continuing to hit it off. She observes that he is so normal. They are getting along so well and then he tells her that he's moving to America to marry a woman he met there. Sun makes a hasty exit, thoroughly disappointed that he's not interested in her.

In the jungle, Eko spots tracks and points them out to Jin. He says that it is Michael, because "they" don't leave tracks.

Eko and Jin have moved further into the jungle and then comes to a stop. Jin tries to talk, but Eko hushes him. They hide in the brush for cover. Finally, several pairs of legs move past within feet of their hiding place. All are barefoot. The last one is carrying a brown teddy bear by a thick string.

Act 4:
Eko and Jin move out. Jin wants to go after them for Michael, but Eko says they don't have Michael. Eko says that Michael crossed ahead of them. Jin wants him to go back, but Eko says that they go together.

Flashback #6 (Jin):
Jin is standing at the door. A commonly dressed man and his son run up. The man begs him to let his son use the restroom. At first, Jin resists, but finally gives his permission. His boss comes out and tells him that he should never do that again, insulting him as a common person. Jin takes off his gloves and hat. He hands them to his boss and walks off.

Sun is sitting on the beach and Kate sits next to her. Sun says that she's trying to convince herself that it's just a ring. Kate tells Sun that Jin is okay, but Sun tells Kate about the bottle of messages. Kate wants to know where the bottle is and Sun says that she buried it.

Sawyer comes to a stop and sits. Ana-Lucia gives him some water, but tells him that they will leave him behind if he keeps slowing them down. He says that without their tracker, they won't find his camp without him. He then asks her if she's married and she says she's not. She asks him if he's married, which he's not. She then asks if he's gay. He says she's funny and gets up.

Eko and Jin are at the edge of a stream. Eko tells Jin to wait for him while he goes back for something. After Eko leaves, Michael comes out the forest on the other side of the stream and tells Jin to quit following him and to go back. He disappears back into the forest. Jin looks over for Eko and then takes off after Michael.

Act 5:
Michael walks through the jungle, calling Walt. Jin follows him. Michael tells him to go away. Jin tells him to be quiet. Michael wants them to come and take him. Eko comes along and tells him that he knows that they took his son, but that Michael doesn't know what the "Others" are capable of. Michael says they took Walt from him. Jin tells him to find Walt.

Sun digs up the bottle and gives it to Kate. Kate dumps the messages out and starts looking through them. Sun asks her to stop because they are private. Kate tells her that she didn't tell Sawyer good-bye. Sun starts to roll the message back up and Kate spots something. Sun looks down and finds her ring. She cries tears of joy as she puts the ring back on.

Jin, Michael and Eko walk through the jungle.

Flashback #7 (Jin & Sun):
Jin walks along the riverfront. A woman passes him and he turns to watch her. As he turns back to continue walking, he bumps into Sun.

Sun and Kate sit in silence.

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