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Lost Season Two Episode Summaries
"... and Found" (#205):

Act 5:
Michael walks through the jungle, calling Walt. Jin follows him. Michael tells him to go away. He reaches a waterfall and calls for Walt some more. Jin tells him to be quiet. Michael wants them to come and take him. Eko comes along and says that shouting is not a good idea. He says that Michael needs to come back with them. Eko says that he knows that they took his son, but that Michael doesn't know what the "Others" are capable of. He says that if they don't want to be found, then they won't be. Michael says they took Walt from him and that he's not going back without his son. Jin tells him to find Walt. The three of them then walk away from the waterfall.

Sun digs up the bottle. Kate asks to see it and Sun gives it to her. Kate dumps the messages out and starts looking through them. Sun asks her to stop because they are private. Kate tells her that she didn't say good-bye. Sun asks, "Sawyer," and Kate nods. Sun starts to roll the message back up and Kate spots something. She starts to smile and motions for Sun to look down. Sun does and finds her ring. She cries tears of joy as she puts the ring back on.

Jin appears to look at his wedding ring as he, Michael and Eko walk through the jungle.

Flashback #7 (Jin & Sun): Jin walks along the riverfront. He sees a couple sitting along the river shoo away a homeless man as he walks past them. A woman wearing an Orange dress hangs up her cell phone as she passes him. He turns to watch her. As he turns back to continue walking, he bumps into Sun knocking her purse from her hand. He helps her pick it up. Their eyes meet and they share a "moment."

Sun and Kate sit in silence on the beach as the sun sets.

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