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Lost Season Two Episode Summaries
"... and Found" (#205):

Act 2:
Ana-Lucia orders them to move out. She mentions tells Libby to get the radio. Sawyer asks if it works and if they can use it. Ana Lucia has a snide non-reply for him. She then asks if he's going to slow them down. Jin says, "No, Michael," and points into the jungle. Ana Lucia says that they are leaving before Michael can tell "them" where they are. Jin walks over to Sawyer and again says "Michael." Sawyer says that they can't wait for him, that Michael won't come back without Walt and he doesn't think that Michael will succeed in finding Walt. Sawyer says that "it's every man for himself." Jin starts to leave, but Eko stops him. Jin starts again and Eko says please. Jin punches him and Eko head butts Jin to the ground in response. Jin gets back up and glares at him. Eko steps aside. As Jin starts to head out, Eko tells him that he's going the wrong way. He points in the opposite direction and says that Michael is going that way, "toward Them." Jin then starts to head in that direction. Eko holds out one of their clubs. Jin takes it and heads out. Ana Lucia asks Eko what he's doing. He answers that he's going to help Jin find his friend. He starts to head after Jin. Ana Lucia says that they can't wait for him and he answers that he doesn't expect them to wait. He then follows Jin into the jungle.

Sun and Hurley are walking and talking on the beach. He tells her that she just has to retrace her steps. He asks her what she was doing the day before. She says that she woke up, washed up, walked with Shannon , picked some fruit and cut it up to feed Vincent. Hurley interrupts her and asks if she fed the dog. She nods.

They sit in the jungle watching Vincent. Hurley asks if Seoul is in the "good Korea or bad Korea ." She answers that it's in the good one. After a moment, he asks if she went to the Olympics. Sun says that "this is ridiculous" to be waiting for Vincent. She says that he did not eat her ring. He says that dogs will eat anything. Hurley tells her that when he was a kid, his dog Buster, ate $1.35 in nickels and "deposited" them the next day. Sun is left speechless. Hurley then asks her if she ever had a dog. She smiles and says "yes." She says that Jin gave her a puppy. He asks if the dog had a name. Popo (sp?). He asks if that means something. Yes. A kiss.

Flashback #4 (Sun & Jin): The driver holds the door open as Sun and her mother get out of their car. Sun's mother tells her to keep her hands in her lap and to not speak unless asked a question. The matchmaker welcomes them, complimenting Sun's beauty. She tells them that he [her date] is handsome, well-educated and his family owns thirteen hotels, including this one. They walk in ignoring the doorman, who welcomes them to the hotel. The doorman is Jin.

Flashback #4 con't (Sun): Sun sits in the hotel with her mother, her date's mother and her date, Jae Lee. Her mother compliments the hotel. Jae Lee's mother mentions that Sun went to Seoul National University and Sun's mother replies that it's not on par with Harvard [where Jae Lee went]. The matchmaker interrupts, saying they need to allow Jae Lee and Sun to talk. As they sit back down, he asks who is pressuring her more: her mother or father. She answers that it's definitely her father, through her mother. She asks him the same question. He answers that it would be his father, through his mother, aunt, and grandmother. His reply begins to put Sun at ease. He then asks her what she studied in college and she answers Art History. He says that he doesn't know anything about art. He studied Medieval Russian Literature, but "somehow" ended up in hotel management. Sun catches that comment and gets a chuckle from Jae Lee. He then says that he usually doesn't like the matchmaking, but it's different this time. Sun agrees, with a smile.

Jin follows Eko who is tracking Michael. They stop as Eko appears to be getting his bearings. Jin hears something and takes off even though Eko tells him to stop. Jin spots something in the underbrush. A boar runs at him, knocks him over and he goes tumbling. When Jin gets up, he finds that he is near a body, impaled on a spear with flies buzzing about [imagery that is reminiscent of Lord of the Flies ]. Jin covers his nose due to the smell as he takes a closer look. Eko walks up and says that the man's name was Goodwin. Jin asks, "Others?" Eko nods.

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