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"... and Found" (#205) Jin & Sun's Flashbacks:

#1 (Sun):
Sun goes through her jewelry box and selects a hair clip. She gets up from her wardrobe and walks over to her bed where she picks up a scarf. As she puts it on, her mother walks in and asks if Sun's planning to wear it. She then picks up Sun's high-heels and carries them to the next room. Sun says she likes those shoes and her mother agrees, but brings back a pair of low-heeled shoes because "he might be shorter." Sun sits down and voices frustration. Her mother says that if she had found a husband in college, they wouldn't need a matchmaker. Sun answers that she went to college to get a degree. Her mother explains that she is now "silver" (apparently a level of prospective marital status). Her mother wants to know if she wants to find a husband before she turns "bronze." Sun answers that she will find one when the time is right. Sun's mother says that her father says that that time is now.

#2 (Jin):
Jin's roommate looks at a book and declares that love will find Jin this year. Jin, who is getting dressed, comments with little conviction that if the destiny book says so, then it must be true. Tai Soo defends his statement by proclaiming that his grandmother used the book to meet his grandfather and declares that it never fails. Jin asks what kind of woman and what does she look like, so he will know her when he sees her. Tai Soo looks in the book and then tells Jin that love will look orange. Orange? Yes, orange. As Jin fixes his tie, he comments that he can't take care of a woman, because he can barely take care of himself. As Jin walks across the room to sit down and put his shoes on, Tai Soo says that he could let a woman take care of him. Jin answers that that is not what men do. He says that a man needs a goal, works harder, gets promoted and earns respect, unlike the son of a fisherman. Tai Soo says that it's just a job interview, but Jin counters that it's a very important job interview. He gets up and walks over in front of Tai Soo and asks if he looks "stunning." Tai Soo nods. He then stands up and points out that Jin didn't cut the tie's tag off. Jin points out that if he cuts the tag off, he can't return it because it cost a fortune. As Jin puts his suit coat on, Tai Soo asks him what he should do if Love calls. Jin says to tell it to wait and walks out the door.

#3 (Jin):
Jin sits across from a man at a desk with his eyes downward. The man interviewing him looks over Jin's resume which indicates that he has worked at the Asiana Hotel. Yes. As a busboy? I became a waiter. The man points out that they don't promote from within and Jin affirms this, saying that he was one of the few exceptions to the practice. The man gets up and asks Jin what village he's from. Jin is surprised by the question. The man points out that he is obviously not from the city and again asks what village he is from. Jin answers that he is from Namhae on the South Coast. The man then comments that Jin smelled of fish. The man then reaches over, pulls the tag off the tie and says that it was sticking out. Jin says "thank you." The man picks up the telephone and says that Jin will be hired. He hangs up the phone and tells Jin that he will start immediately, will work "rain or shine," and will not ask for a raise or time off. The man is interrupted as another man walks in carrying a uniform. Jin stands up and takes the uniform. The man tells him that the Seoul Gateway Hotel is one of the finest hotels in South Korea, so he is not to let in people like himself. Jin answers that he understands and will do his best.

#4 (Jin & Sun):
The driver holds the door open as Sun and her mother get out of their car. Sun's mother tells her to keep her hands in her lap and to not speak unless asked a question. The matchmaker welcomes them, complimenting Sun's beauty. She tells them that he [her date] is handsome, well-educated and his family owns thirteen hotels, including this one. They walk in ignoring the doorman, who welcomes them to the hotel. The doorman is Jin.

#4 Con't (Sun):
Sun sits in the hotel with her mother, her date's mother and her date, Jae Lee. Her mother compliments the hotel. Jae Lee's mother mentions that Sun went to Seoul National University and Sun's mother replies that it's not on par with Harvard [where Jae Lee went]. The matchmaker interrupts, saying they need to allow Jae Lee and Sun to talk. As they sit back down, he asks who is pressuring her more: her mother or father. She answers that it's definitely her father, through her mother. She asks him the same question. He answers that it would be his father, through his mother, aunt, and grandmother. His reply begins to put Sun at ease. He then asks her what she studied in college and she answers Art History. He says that he doesn't know anything about art. He studied Medieval Russian Literature, but "somehow" ended up in hotel management. Sun catches that comment and gets a chuckle from Jae Lee. He then says that he usually doesn't like the matchmaking, but it's different this time. Sun agrees, with a smile.

#5 (Sun):
Sun checks herself in her makeup mirror. She's sitting at a table in the Seoul Gateway Hotel's restaurant.

#5 Con't (Jin):
Jin opens the door for a departing patron. He hears a car horn honk and goes over to the street. Jae Lee rolls to a stop in his Porsche convertible sports car. Jin greets him and opens the car door for him. Jae Lee asks if he can borrow Jin's flower because he has a date. Jin gives him the flower. Jae Lee tells him thanks. As Jin opens the hotel door for him, Jae Lee asks for his name. Jin gives it to him. Jae Lee again tells him thank you, addressing Jin as "Mr. Kwon." Jae Lee goes inside as Jin allows himself a smile.

#5 Con't (Sun):
Jae Lee finishes telling a Sun a story of how he ended up locked out of his hotel room wearing just a towel. Sun comments that she thought that only happened in the movies. He explains that he had to convince the maid that he owned the hotel, but that she didn't believe him. She observes that he is so normal and he tells her that he thinks that she is great too. As such, he says that he'd like for them to continue to see each other, which will make their parents happy and do away with the matchmakers and the pressure. He then tells her a secret. He explains that while he was at Harvard, he met an American woman and even though he hasn't told his father yet, he's going to move there in six months and marry her. Sun tries to cover her reaction, but Jae Lee notices. He tries to say that he thought she was just playing along like he was. However, she interrupts him. Just then, the hotel manager who had hired Jin comes along and asks if there is anything he can do to be of assistance. Jae Lee says that they are fine. The manager then asks Sun if she would like anything and she graciously declines. She then says that she has an appointment. Jae Lee again tries to stop her, but she brushes him off by thanking him for lunch. She then walks out of the restaurant. Sun makes a hasty exit, thoroughly disappointed that he's not interested in her.

#6 (Jin):
Jin opens the door for several people coming and going. One that leaves is Sun and based on what she's wearing, this flashback takes place the same day that Jae Lee borrowed Jin's flower and Sun found out about his American girlfriend. A commonly dressed man and his son run up. The man begs him to let his son use the restroom inside as the boy dances around trying to hold it. Jin tells him that he can only allow hotel guests in and indicates that there is a bathroom down the street. He then asks the boy if he can hold it and the boy shakes his head. The father asks again and Jin now lets him in. As the man goes inside, he thanks Jin and says that he's a good man. Jin's boss, Mr. Kim, has been watching and comes out as soon as Jin lets them man and his son in. Kim reminds him of what he had been told. Jin apologizes. Mr. Kim tells him that it's his first warning. Jin starts to say something about the boy, but Mr. Kim cuts him off and says that he doesn't care. The boy could have used the gutter, because "you people are used to that." He then tells Jin that if he wants to keep his job, he needs to go inside and get them out of the hotel. Jin takes off his gloves and hat. He hands them to his boss, thanks him for the "opportunity" and walks off.

#7 (Jin & Sun):
Jin walks along the riverfront. He sees a couple sitting along the river shoo away a homeless man as he walks past them. A woman wearing an Orange dress hangs up her cell phone as she passes him. He turns to watch her. As he turns back to continue walking, he bumps into Sun knocking her purse from her hand. He helps her pick it up. Their eyes meet and they share a "moment."

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