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Lost Season Two Episode Summaries
"... and Found" (#205)
Analysis, Notes & Unanswered Questions:

  • The last three flashbacks all appear to happen on the same day because Sun is wearing the same dress in all three. Jae Lee asks for Jin's flower and asks for his name. Jae Lee tells Sun about his American girlfriend and she leaves. She walks by Jin. He then allows the man and his son inside and quits after Mr Kim insults him. Later that day, maybe only minutes later, Jin, who has removed his hotel issued jacket, literally runs into Sun.
  • Jin worked at the Asiana Hotel and was promoted from busboy to waiter
  • Jin is from a fishing village on the Island of Nahmae on the South Coast of Korea
  • Because Sun did not find a husband while in college, she is now of "silver" status as a marriage prospect. In Korean culture, age is a factor in marriagability.
  • Sun studied Art History at Seoul National University
  • Jae Lee's family owns thirteen hotels. He studied Medieval Russian Literature at Harvard, where he acquired an American woman.
  • Tai Soo predicted that Jin's Love would look Orange. Because he was distracted by a woman wearing orange, Jin literally bumped into Sun.
  • Watching the end of episode 204, Sun's ring can be seen on her finger as she begins to bury the bottle of message, but is gone from her hand by the time she's done.
  • Michael now considers Jin a friend, which is not something he can say about Sawyer.
  • The Tailies have a radio of their own.
  • Eko appears to say that he was once married.
  • When the Others walk by Jin and Eko, at least one of them appears to be a child carrying a brown teddy bear on a string.
  • Eko appears to notice something when he and Jin are sitting by the stream. He might have made the comment about needing to find Michael's trail again because he knew Michael was on the other side of the stream and hoped that Michael would talk to Jin once he left. He seemed to catch up with them very quickly. Of course, Michael was yelling so that could have been how he found them as well.

  • Notes:
  • Jin's resume, which is briefly seen onscreen, was not checked by the writing staff before it was put onscreen. As such, the details are not considered "canon." A translation is available here.
  • Asiana Hotel and Seoul Gateway Hotel are ficticious. One of South Korea 's largest airlines is Asiana Airlines.

  • Unanswered Questions:
  • Why do the "tailies" have trust issues? (See Episode 2.07)
  • Does the "tailies'" radio work? (See Episode 2.07)
  • What happened to Goodwin? Was it the Others? (See Episode 2.07)
  • What happened that Eko is no longer married?
  • Why is Locke not lost anymore? What has he found exactly?
  • How are the Others able to not leave tracks?
  • What significance, if any, is there to the Other that is carrying the brown teddy bear by a string and appears to be a child?
  • Where do Eko's tracking skills originate?
  • Why is Ana Lucia so convinced that Eko will come back?
  • While he and Jin are by the stream, Eko appears to notice something. He tells Jin that he's going to go back and look for Michael's track. Did he know Michael was nearby and decided to drop out of sight? Or did he notice something else?
  • What are the Others capable of? (See Episode 2.07)
  • How does Eko know that the Others won't be found if they don't want to be?
  • Why does Kate start reading the messages from the bottle? She says it's because she didn't tell Sawyer good-bye, but that doesn't fit. Was she reading the messages to see if anyone had written about the escaped fugitive[her]?

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