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Lost Season Two Episode Summaries
"... and Found" (#205):

Sun and Claire are on the beach apparently freshening up. Sun points out that it has been four days (since the raft left). Claire says it could take Jin, Michael and Sawyer two weeks to reach a current according to Michael. Sun suddenly panics and goes through her stuff. Claire asks her what is wrong and Sun tells her that she's lost her wedding ring.

Flashback #1 (Sun): Sun goes through her jewelry box and selects a hair clip. She gets up from her wardrobe and walks over to her bed where she picks up a scarf. As she puts it on, her mother walks in and asks if Sun's planning to wear it. She then picks up Sun's high-heels and carries them to the next room. Sun says she likes those shoes and her mother agrees, but brings back a pair of low-heeled shoes because "he might be shorter." Sun sits down and voices frustration. Her mother says that if she had found a husband in college, they wouldn't need a matchmaker. Sun answers that she went to college to get a degree. Her mother explains that she is now "silver" (apparently a level of prospective marital status). Her mother wants to know if she wants to find a husband before she turns "bronze." Sun answers that she will find one when the time is right. Sun's mother says that her father says that that time is now.

Flashback #2 (Jin): Jin's roommate looks at a book and declares that love will find Jin this year. Jin, who is getting dressed, comments with little conviction that if the destiny book says so, then it must be true. Tai Soo defends his statement by proclaiming that his grandmother used the book to meet his grandfather and declares that it never fails. Jin asks what kind of woman and what does she look like, so he will know her when he sees her. Tai Soo looks in the book and then tells Jin that love will look orange. Orange ? Yes, orange. As Jin fixes his tie, he comments that he can't take care of a woman, because he can barely take care of himself. As Jin walks across the room to sit down and put his shoes on, Tai Soo says that he could let a woman take care of him. Jin answers that that is not what men do. He says that a man needs a goal, works harder, gets promoted and earns respect, unlike the son of a fisherman. Tai Soo says that it's just a job interview, but Jin counters that it's a very important job interview. He gets up and walks over in front of Tai Soo and asks if he looks "stunning." Tai Soo nods. He then stands up and points out that Jin didn't cut the tie's tag off. Jin points out that if he cuts the tag off, he can't return it because it cost a fortune. As Jin puts his suit coat on, Tai Soo asks him what he should do if Love calls. Jin says to tell it to wait and walks out the door.

Jin sits in the "Tailies'" bunker with Sawyer sitting nearby. Michael looks over and Bernard, Libby, Eko, Ana Lucia and Cindy talk amongst themselves. Michael moves closer to Jin and tells him that everything will be okay and that he will be with Sun soon. Jin nods. Michael tells Sawyer that he thinks the "tailies" are trying to decide what to do with them. Sawyer thinks that they are going to eat them. Ana-Lucia comes over and tells them to get up, because they are moving out. Michael asks where. Ana Lucia answers that he, Jin and Sawyer are going to lead them to food and water. Sawyer makes a comment about working for them. Ana Lucia says that they will do it because there is a long walk ahead. Where to? She answers, "Back to where you came from."

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