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Lost Season Two Episode Summaries
"... and Found" (#205):

Act 4:
Eko and Jin slowly climb from their hiding place. Jin wants to go after them for Michael, but Eko says the Others don't have Michael. Eko says that Michael crossed ahead of them. The Others are heading one way and Michael is heading nearly the opposite way. Jin wants Eko to go back, but Eko says that they go on together.

Flashback #6 (Jin): Jin opens the door for several people coming and going. One that leaves is Sun and based on what she's wearing, this flashback takes place the same day that Jae Lee borrowed Jin's flower and Sun found out about his American girlfriend. A commonly dressed man and his son run up. The man begs him to let his son use the restroom inside as the boy dances around trying to hold it. Jin tells him that he can only allow hotel guests in and indicates that there is a bathroom down the street. He then asks the boy if he can hold it and the boy shakes his head. The father asks again and Jin now lets him in. As the man goes inside, he thanks Jin and says that he's a good man. Jin's boss, Mr. Kim, has been watching and comes out as soon as Jin lets them man and his son in. Kim reminds him of what he had been told. Jin apologizes. Mr. Kim tells him that it's his first warning. Jin starts to say something about the boy, but Mr. Kim cuts him off and says that he doesn't care. The boy could have used the gutter, because "you people are used to that." He then tells Jin that if he wants to keep his job, he needs to go inside and get them out of the hotel. Jin takes off his gloves and hat. He hands them to his boss, thanks him for the "opportunity" and walks off.

Sun sits on the beach. Kate walks up and sits next to her. Kate says that Hurley told her that she had lost her ring. Sun says that she's trying to convince herself that she's being silly to be so upset since it's just a thing. Kate tries to Sun that it's only been a few days and that Jin is okay, but Sun interrupts her. Sun says she's tired of everyone trying to tell her that because he's not okay. She then tells Kate that Claire found the bottle of messages from the raft. Kate wants to know where the bottle is and Sun says that she buried it.

In the jungle, Sawyer comes to a stop and sits. Ana-Lucia tells the other "tailies" to stop. She goes over and gives him some water. As she does, she tells him that they will leave him behind if he keeps slowing them down. He tells to go ahead and leave him behind. She throws the water bottle cap into his lap, says "see ya" and turns back to the other "tailies." He asks her how she's planning to find their camp without him now that their tracker is gone. She answers that they will walk across the Island , follow the beaches and Eko is coming back. He then asks her if she's married and she says she's not. He says that she seems suited for it. She says "funny," and then asks him if he's married, which he's not. She then asks if he's gay. He says she's funny, gets up and says "let's go."

Jin and Eko reach a stream. Jin gets a drink of water, while Eko refills his water pouch. Eko then appears to notice something. He tells Jin to wait for him while he goes back and finds Michael's trail again After Eko leaves, Michael comes out the forest on the other side of the stream and tells Jin to quit following him and to go back. He disappears back into the jungle. Jin looks over for Eko and then crosses the stream and goes after Michael.

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