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Lost Season Two Episode Summaries
"Abandoned" (#206):

Act 1:
Shannon is on the beach. Sayid runs from the shelter down to her, telling her that here is no one. She tells him that she saw Walt. Sayid says that she was dreaming. She again says that she saw Walt go into the tent. Sayid again says that he was only gone for a few moments and that she must have fallen asleep. She firmly says that it was not a dream and that she saw Walt. Sayid asks where Walt is. Shannon says nothing for a moment. Charlie walks up to them and asks if everything is okay. Sayid says that it's just a dream and that everything is fine. Shannon gives Sayid a look and then heads for the shelter. Sayid then follows her, calling her. Claire walks up to Charlie with Aaron in her arms. She asks what's wrong. Charlie answers that Shannon had a nightmare. Charlie then asks why Aaron is awake. Claire says that woke him because she heard screams, got worried and wasn't going to leave him in his bed alone. Charlie asks why after hearing screams, she would wake the baby and run toward them. Claire answers that she sounded like she needed help. Charlie says that Aaron is going to now need feeding, is going to be up all night and will be fussy all day. Claire apologizes. Charlie says, "no harm done," and asks her for Aaron. She gives him to Charlie who starts to nuzzle him as Claire looks unnerved [by being fussed at about how she's caring for her OWN baby by someone else].

Shannon comes out of the shelter with her stuff. Sayid asks her to come back with him and talk about it. She wants to know if he believes her. He doesn't answer, so she turns and walks away, saying that she knows what she saw.

Flashback #1: Young girls are practicing ballet. Shannon tells one, Sophie, that she is doing well and then corrects her posture. Shannon is one of the instructors. Sophie asks if her father saw her. Shannon looks over to see Sophie's father whispering in the ear of the other instructor and apparently oblivious to his daughter's ballet moves. Shannon turns back to Sophie and says she thinks he did. She dismisses the class.

Flashback #1 Con't: Sophie and her father leave as the other ballet instructor walks up to Shannon. They both start giggling. The other girl tells Shannon that he wants her to be hhis Au Pair [nanny]. She puts on a bad French accent to imitate him asking her to live in his house and take care of his kids. She continues to mock him as she suggests that he would apologize for "accidentally" walking in on her in the shower. She drops the accent and calls him a "perv." Shannon 's cell phone rings and she answers it. Her stepmother can be heard telling her to tell her that her father was in an accident. She tells Shannon that she'll meet her at St. Sebastian's Hospital.

Flashback #1 Con't: Shannon and her stepmother are at the hospital. The doctor walks up and addresses Shannon 's mother. As he does so, Jack passes behind him. The doctor suggests that they talk "this way." As they walk down the hallway, Sabrina asks how her husband, Adam, is. The doctor explains that he was in a head-on collision with an SUV and suffered massive internal injuries. He further explains that he stopped breathing at the site of the accident and they were unable to resuscitate him. He apologizes. Shannon starts to cry and Sabrina asks to see him. The doctor starts to lead her to the body. Shannon doesn't move. He stops and asks Sabrina if her daughter would like to come. Sabrina points out that Shannon's her step-daughter and then tells Shannon to "come on." She starts walking again and Shannon lags behind them.

Eko leads the "tailies" up into a clearing. Ana Lucia asks how far to their [Michael, Jin and Sawyer's] camp. He says a day, or maybe more or maybe less. Ana Lucia "thanks" him for his vagueness. Sawyer isn't looking good and after a few steps, he goes down to one knee. Libby immediately goes to him. Sawyer tells her that he's fine. Libby takes a look at his wound. He asks her if she's a doctor and she says that she's a clinical psychologist. He says "A shrink? Maybe you oughta talk to my shoulder." She makes an effort to ignore that comment and asks how he got shot. He answers, "With a gun." Michael says that Sawyer got shot when they took Walt. Sawyer almost seems embarrassed and then asks if it's bad. Libby tells Sawyer that his wound is bad, but not real bad. She puts on a smile and says that he'll be okay. He doesn't seem to completely buy her line and then struggles to get up with Michael's help, says he's fine and starts walking again on his own. As he moves on, Libby's smile disappears and is replaced by a look of concern.

Hurley and Rose hang laundry on the beach. Hurley wants to know why they aren't using the dryer in the Hatch bunker. Rose says that she doesn't like the Hatch. Hurley asks if it's because of the button. Rose doesn't answer, but instead talks about the sun and fresh air being a natural dryer and that they don't need to get "spoiled." Shannon walks up and wants to know where Michael and Walt's stuff was left. Hurley asks, "What kind of stuff?" She wants to know about their clothes. Hurley tells her that their stuff is still on the beach back by their tent. Shannon says thanks and walks off. Rose says that it can't be easy on Shannon to have lost Boone, the one person on the Island she cared about. Hurley looks like he wants to say something, but holds back.

Shannon walks up to Michael and Walt's tent with Vincent on a leash. She goes through a bag and then moves to a suitcase. She pulls out a shirt and makes Vincent sniff it. She tells him to go find Walt. Vincent heads into the forest with Shannon running behind and holding onto the leash. She lets Vincent go and comes to a stop as she sees a small wooden cross. She's standing near Boone's grave.

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