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Lost Season Two Episode Summaries
"Abandoned" (#206):

Act 4:
Jin stands up and calls for water. Libby brings her water over. Michael tries to give him some water, but Sawyer doesn't come around. Michael asks what is wrong. Libby explains that he has a fever from the infection in his arm and is dehydrated. Ana Lucia wants them to keep moving. Jin says something about Sawyer. Libby says that he can stay if he wants, but "we're rolling out." Bernard and Libby want to stay and give Sawyer a chance to rest. Ana Lucia reminds them about the others, what they did to the "tailies" and Goodwin. Cindy agrees with Ana Lucia. Michael says he doesn't remember Goodwin and doesn't care. He asks Eko to help him make a stretcher. After a pause, Eko nods. He asks Bernard to find four sturdy sticks about five feet long. Ana Lucia says that he's going to carry Sawyer and Michael agrees.

Sayid follows Shannon through what appears to be the same tall grass. He asks her why she's "doing this." She answers that she didn't ask him to follow her. Sayid then says that she'd rather be out alone and get lost or hurt. She tells him that she doesn't need his help. Sayid says that Walt is not "out here." Shannon keeps going so he tells her that she's following a Labrador , not a bloodhound, and is looking for a boy who is on a raft in the ocean. She tells Sayid that he's not on the raft and that they found the bottle of messages. She's convinced Walt is "out here somewhere," that she really did see him, that the raft is gone and he's "all alone." She starts walking again and Sayid follows as thunder can be heard.

The "tailies" carry Sawyer in a stretcher across a shallow stream up to a steep rise. After a pause, the group wordlessly spreads out along the incline in an effort to bring Sawyer up. They work to bring him up a steep incline. At the top, Ana Lucia notices that Cindy is gone. Everyone is surprised. As thunder can be heard, Ana Lucia says that she is going after Cindy, but Eko grabs her and tells her that they must together because splitting up gives the Others what they want. Ana Lucia blames him because he took them through the jungle risking their lives to try and save Sawyer, who she says is already dead. She says "this one is on you." They start hearing whispers. Michael asks what it is. Ana Lucia pulls the gun. Libby and Bernard look to be in a near panic. Ana Lucia tells them to run.

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