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Lost Season Two Episode Summaries
"Abandoned" (#206):

Act 3:
Shannon still sits by Boone's grave. Vincent waits nearby. Sayid walks up and sits near Shannon . He says that he knows what it is like to lose someone close. She says that it is not about Boone. She saw Walt. He asks why they are by Boone's grave then. She gets up, grabs Vincent's leash, starts to head for the jungle and tells Sayid to go back. He asks where she's going and she answers, "to find him."

Flashback #3: Shannon sits in her apartment at a small table with cereal boxes on it. Dave Matthews Band can be heard playing in the background. Her roommate tells her that it came and gives Shannon a letter. Shannon says that she can't open it and asks her roommate to open it. Her roommate tells Shannon that she's been waiting six month for it and there's no way she'll open it. Shannon opens the letter and starts smiling. She tells her roommate that she got it [the internship with the dance company in New York ]. The two of them start jumping around, excited and then the phone rings. Shannon answers and her excitement disappears. She hangs up and tells her roommate that her rent check bounced. Her roommate is surprised and says, "but you're rich."

Flashback #3 con't: Shannon sits in her stepmother's living room. Sabrina says that she has to be at a meeting in ten minutes. Shannon points out that her checks are bouncing. Sabrina answers that that happens when you make withdrawals without making deposits. Shannon asks when she will get the money from the will. Her stepmother tells her that there was no will and that they had a living trust so everything when to Sabrina. There was nothing set aside for Shannon . Shannon wants to know why her father would do that. Sabrina guesses that maybe her father wanted to find her own way. She says that everyone has to work, and most are better by it. Shannon says that she can work. She'll be working sixteen hours a day with her internship, but won't be making any money. Sabrina comments that the only thing she's seen Shannon do for sixteen hours straight is sleep. Shannon says that she just needs to get to New York and something to get started. Shannon even offered to pay her back. Sabrina says that this year it's the internship and that last year it was interior design. Sabrina doesn't think that Shannon will pay her back and that Shannon will only hate herself more because of it. Shannon says that she really wants the internship and that she can do it. Sabrina says sorry and tells Shannon that she's on her own. Sabrina leaves Shannon standing there.

Charlie and Locke are playing backgammon and Locke rolls double sixes. After Charlie rolls, Locke tells Charlie to not get the wrong idea because he was holding Aaron and that he doesn't want to "overstep" his "bounds". Charlie asks if she told him about the fight and Locke answers that she didn't call it a fight. Charlie says that she was going to put Aaron up for adoption and asks if Locke knew that. Locke says he knew when he built the cradle. Locke wants to know why Charlie asked. Charlie says Claire has more to learn about the responsibility of being a mother. Locke finds that an interesting observation coming from a heroin addict. Charlie says he a "recovering" heroin addict. Locke repeats "recovering," and then tells Charlie that it's his turn. Charlie rolls the dice.

The "tailies" are walking through tall grass [like where the polar bear chased the survivors in the pilot]. Sawyer struggles and Jin grabs him and supports him for a few steps. Bernard offers to help, but Jin refused. Michael then offers to help, but Jin shakes him off. Sawyer then makes a crack about Michael suddenly caring and tells them to leave him alone. He stands himself up and takes half a dozen steps before collapsing. Michael and Jin run over to him. Michael lives his head up and brings Sawyer around again. He tells Michael that he would have left him behind. Michael tells him to "don't try that." Sawyer then says that he did leave Michael behind. Michael answers that it's a "good thing that I ain't you." Sawyer seems to be amused by that comment, but slips into unconsciousness. Michael tries to revive him.

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