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Lost Season Two Episode Summaries
"Abandoned" (#206) Shannon's Flashbacks:

Young girls are practicing ballet. Shannon tells one, Sophie, that she is doing well and then corrects her posture. Shannon is one of the instructors. Sophie asks if her father saw her. Shannon looks over to see Sophie's father whispering in the ear of the other instructor and apparently oblivious to his daughter's ballet moves. Shannon turns back to Sophie and says she thinks he did. She dismisses the class.

#1 Con't:
Sophie and her father leave as the other ballet instructor walks up to Shannon. They both start giggling. The other girl tells Shannon that he wants her to be hhis Au Pair [nanny]. She puts on a bad French accent to imitate him asking her to live in his house and take care of his kids. She continues to mock him as she suggests that he would apologize for "accidentally" walking in on her in the shower. She drops the accent and calls him a "perv." Shannon 's cell phone rings and she answers it. Her stepmother can be heard telling her to tell her that her father was in an accident. She tells Shannon that she'll meet her at St. Sebastian's Hospital.

#1 Con't:
Shannon and her stepmother are at the hospital. The doctor walks up and addresses Shannon 's mother. As he does so, Jack passes behind him. The doctor suggests that they talk "this way." As they walk down the hallway, Sabrina asks how her husband, Adam, is. The doctor explains that he was in a head-on collision with an SUV and suffered massive internal injuries. He further explains that he stopped breathing at the site of the accident and they were unable to resuscitate him. He apologizes. Shannon starts to cry and Sabrina asks to see him. The doctor starts to lead her to the body. Shannon doesn't move. He stops and asks Sabrina if her daughter would like to come. Sabrina points out that Shannon's her step-daughter and then tells Shannon to "come on." She starts walking again and Shannon lags behind them.

Shannon is at her father's wake. Someone [whoever presided over the wake, or at least ended it] can be seen closing a small paper and his hand being shaken by a woman [presumably Sabrina] whose face is not seen. People slowly begin to leave. Shannon gets up and walks over to her father's open coffin. Boone says, "death sucks, doesn't it," and walks up to Shannon . She seems happy to see him and they hug. Boone tells her that he's sorry [for what happened to her father]. She says that something about him coming back. Sabrina is then shown paying close attention to them.

#2 con't:
Boone grabs small tea cups from the dollhouse and pours some alcohol into it. They are apparently now in her room, since he asks her about the poster of Marky Mark. She answers that she's eighteen now [guess that means she's outgrown Marky Mark]. As he finishes pouring the alcohol, Shannon says that Sabrina is going to "freak." He says that "it's a wake," and gives her a tea cup full of Scotch. He toasts her dad and they drink up. He asks her if she'll come visit him in New York . She says she may not have to because she would be living there if she gets the internship with the dance company. He asks her if he's talked to his mother. She says that "she's going through her thing and I'm going through mine." He asks if they have been getting along. Shannon shakes her head and says that his mother hates her. He asks Shannon to try to talk to her. Shannon says that Sabrina has resented her relationship with her dad from the beginning.

Shannon sits in her apartment at a small table with cereal boxes on it. Dave Matthews Band can be heard playing in the background. Her roommate tells her that it came and gives Shannon a letter. Shannon says that she can't open it and asks her roommate to open it. Her roommate tells Shannon that she's been waiting six month for it and there's no way she'll open it. Shannon opens the letter and starts smiling. She tells her roommate that she got it [the internship with the dance company in New York ]. The two of them start jumping around, excited and then the phone rings. Shannon answers and her excitement disappears. She hangs up and tells her roommate that her rent check bounced. Her roommate is surprised and says, "but you're rich."

#3 con't:
Shannon sits in her stepmother's living room. Sabrina says that she has to be at a meeting in ten minutes. Shannon points out that her checks are bouncing. Sabrina answers that that happens when you make withdrawals without making deposits. Shannon asks when she will get the money from the will. Her stepmother tells her that there was no will and that they had a living trust so everything when to Sabrina. There was nothing set aside for Shannon . Shannon wants to know why her father would do that. Sabrina guesses that maybe her father wanted to find her own way. She says that everyone has to work, and most are better by it. Shannon says that she can work. She'll be working sixteen hours a day with her internship, but won't be making any money. Sabrina comments that the only thing she's seen Shannon do for sixteen hours straight is sleep. Shannon says that she just needs to get to New York and something to get started. Shannon even offered to pay her back. Sabrina says that this year it's the internship and that last year it was interior design. Sabrina doesn't think that Shannon will pay her back and that Shannon will only hate herself more because of it. Shannon says that she really wants the internship and that she can do it. Sabrina says sorry and tells Shannon that she's on her own. Sabrina leaves Shannon standing there.

Flashback #4:
Shannon packs boxes in her apartment. Boone walks in, closes the door and sits down near Shannon . He tells Shannon that his mother told him no, probably because she knew why he was asking for the money. Shannon asks him if she can crash at his place in New York for a little while until she gets on her feet. He says that he's leaving New York , because his mother offered him a job. She's surprised that he chose to work for his mother. He says that she offered him a really good job. He gives her an envelope and says that it's all he's got, but that he'll be able to get to his trust fund at the end of the month and be able to keep her going then. She says thanks, but she'll figure it out on her own. He tells her that she doesn't know how long it will take to get going so she should take the money he's offering. She says that he doesn't think that she can make it on her own. When he won't refute her, she gives him back the envelope. She sobs that she doesn't want his money, tells him to go work for his mother and that she can make it on her own. Boone takes the envelope leaves as Shannon tries to regain her composure.

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