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Lost Season Two Episode Summaries
"Abandoned" (#206):

Act 2:
Aaron is crying. Claire rocks him in the cradle and is apologizing to him for having woken him eight hours ago. Locke comes along and asks how the cradle is working. Claire explains that the cradle is great, but Aaron just won't sleep. Locke walks over and offers to help.

Aaron is lying quietly on the changing table as Locke wraps him up in his blanket. Locke explains that babies like the feeling of being "constricted," and it's not until we get older that we want to be free. Aaron softly coos as Claire puts him in her arms. She then comments that everyone knows more about her baby than her. Claire tells him how Charlie fussed at her and as angry as it made her feel, he was right. She says that it feels like her and Charlie are playing Mom and Dad to Aaron, but she doesn't remember marrying him. Locke chuckles. She points out that she hardly knows anything about him and that he could a "religious freak." Locke doesn't think so, so she asks him why else would Charlie carry around a Virgin Mary statue that he found in the jungle.

Shannon still sits by Boone's grave, looking at the cross.

Flashback #2: Shannon is at her father's wake. Someone [whoever presided over the wake, or at least ended it] can be seen closing a small paper and his hand being shaken by a woman [presumably Sabrina] whose face is not seen. People slowly begin to leave. Shannon gets up and walks over to her father's open coffin. Boone says, "death sucks, doesn't it," and walks up to Shannon . She seems happy to see him and they hug. Boone tells her that he's sorry [for what happened to her father]. She says that something about him coming back. Sabrina is then shown paying close attention to them.

Flashback #2 con't: Boone grabs small tea cups from the dollhouse and pours some alcohol into it. They are apparently now in her room, since he asks her about the poster of Marky Mark. She answers that she's eighteen now [guess that means she's outgrown Marky Mark]. As he finishes pouring the alcohol, Shannon says that Sabrina is going to "freak." He says that "it's a wake," and gives her a tea cup full of Scotch. He toasts her dad and they drink up. He asks her if she'll come visit him in New York . She says she may not have to because she would be living there if she gets the internship with the dance company. He asks her if he's talked to his mother. She says that "she's going through her thing and I'm going through mine." He asks if they have been getting along. Shannon shakes her head and says that his mother hates her. He asks Shannon to try to talk to her. Shannon says that Sabrina has resented her relationship with her dad from the beginning.

The "tailies" are climbing over a rocky part of the shoreline. As they reach the top of the rise, Eko watches Sawyer struggle up. Eko says they need a break. Ana Lucia says they have five minutes. Eko hands Sawyer his water and walks over to the edge of the rise. Ana Lucia walks up and wants to know what he's looking at. Eko says that they have to go inland. Ana Lucia doesn't seem thrilled with the idea of going into the jungle. She says that the other survivors are supposed to be on the beach. Eko says that there is a peninsula ahead that may not be passable. Ana Lucia realizes that he wants to head inland to help save Sawyer and in doing so, risk everyone else's life. He says it's his way. Ana Lucia says that she liked him better when he wasn't talking.

Locke is looking at a small item [looks like a paper] when Claire walks up holding Aaron and says that she can't believe that Aaron's still asleep. Locke drops the item out of sight. He whispers that "swaddling works every time." He then tucks the paper into his backpack and puts the backpack between his legs. Claire asks him if he wants to hold Aaron and he declines. She then orders him to put out his arms. Locke looks almost nervous and then takes Aaron. He points out that Aaron smells good. She gets Locke to hold him. Charlie walks up. Claire tells him that Locke taught her swaddling. Charlie says he came to take Aaron, so she could for a walk. He then puts out his arms. After a pause, Locke hands over Aaron and says that he had to get going anyway. Claire tells Locke thanks as he gets up and leaves. Charlie and Claire share a strange look.

The "tailies" are walking through the jungle, quietly. Libby steps on a stick and everyone looks around anxiously. Jin says something and Sawyer staggers. Ana Lucia comes over and tells them to shut up. Michael wants to know if they can't talk at all. Ana Lucia says talking will get them all killed. Michael wants to know by what? Them? [the Others]. He says that he thought they live a day back that way. She just tells him to get Sawyer moving. He wants to know what happened. He says he has no problem taking them back to their camp, but he wants to know why he has to be so quiet. Ana Lucia looks back at the other "tailies" who look away and downward. She tells him that the others came and took three survivors on the first night. After two weeks, they came back and took nine more survivors. She calls them smart and animals and that they could be anywhere at anytime. She says that "we" are moving through their jungle just to save "your little hick friend." She says that one gun and one bullet won't stop the Others. She tells him to shut his mouth and keep moving. Michael says that they took his son. She answers that they took a lot of things.

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