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"Abandoned" (#206):

This summary was written during the episode's first airing, so be prepared for some omissions and incorrect details as a result.

Previously (Recap):
Boone finds the Nigerian plane and then is killed. They hold a funeral for him. The tailies move out. Michael takes off. Jin and Eko goes after Michael. The "Others" walk by.

Shannon gives Vincent some water. Sayid tells her to come with him. He's built a small shelter for Shannon. They kiss. Sayid pulls out a gun and says he carries it because he has someone to protect. They go back to kissing and descend to the floor.

The "tailies" are waiting in the jungle. Ana Lucia says that they will wait another hour for Eko. Sawyer says that Ana Lucia is lost. Ana Lucia blames Michael. He makes a comment about Michael only caring about himself and Walt. Just then Michael appears. Jin comes along and immediately checks on Sawyer's wound which is getting worse. Eko tells Ana Lucia that he saw the Others. Libby asks about the kids, but Ana Lucia shushes her. She then says that they are moving out.

Shannon and Sayid are in bed. She asks about them being "serious." He says that they are. She then starts to get up to get some water, but he stops her. He gets up, grabs the water bottle and walks out. Almost immediately, the tent flap opens and the candle blows out. Shannon thinks it's Sayid, but it's Walt. He whispers something and she screams.

Act 1:
Shannon is on the beach. Sayid tells her that there is nothing and that she was dreaming. She is convinced that it was real. Charlie walks up and asks if everything is okay. Sayid says that it is and he and Shannon go to the tent. Claire walks up with Aaron. Charlie notices that he's awake and she says that she woke him because she thought someone needed help.

Shannon comes out of the tent and Sayid tries to stop her. She wants to know if he believes her.

Flashback #1:
Shannon has just finished teaching a dance class. Her stepmother calls her to tell her that her father was in an accident.

Flashback #1 Con't:
Shannon and her stepmother are at the hospital. The doctor explains that her father stopped breathing at the accident and they were unable to resuscitate him. He starts to lead them to his body.

Eko and Ana Lucia talk about how far it is to the survivors' camp. He's vague about it being a day or two away. Sawyer collapses. Libby takes a look at his wound. She wants to know how he got shot. Michael says that he got shot when they took Walt. Libby tells Sawyer that his wound is bad, but not real bad. Sawyer struggles to get up on his own and start walking again.

Hurley and Rose are hanging laundry on the beach when Shannon walks up and wants to know where Michael and Walt's clothes are. Hurley tells her where it is.

At Michael and Walt's camp, Shannon goes through their stuff. She finds some clothes, has Vincent sniff them and then tells him to go find Walt. They take off into the jungle. Suddenly, Shannon stops before a cross that marks Boone's grave.

Act 2:
Aaron is crying because he's been up all night for eight hours. Claire rocks him in the cradle and Locke comes along. He offers to help. He wraps Aaron up in his blanket and Aaron quiets down. Claire comments that everyone knows more about her baby than him. Claire tells him how Charlie fussed at her and was right. She doesn't remember marrying him, though. She points out that she hardly knows anything about him. She then tells Locke about the Virgin Mary statue that Charlie has been keeping.

Flashback #2:
Shannon is at her father's funeral. Boone comes to her and they hug as her stepmother watches.

Flashback #2 con't:
Boone grabs the dollhouse tea cups and pours some alcohol into it. He asks her if she'll come visit him in New York and she says that she'll be living there if she gets the internship with the dance company. He asks her about his mother. Shannon says that his mother hates her and has resented her relationship with her dad.

The "tailies" have reaches a rocky part of the shoreline. Eko requests a break. Ana Lucia wants to know what is up. Eko says that they have to go inland. Ana Lucia points out that he's doing that for Sawyer and comments that she liked him better when he wasn't talking.

Claire tells Locke that Aaron is still sleeping. She gets Locke to hold him. Charlie walks up. After a pause, Locke hands over Aaron. Claire says thank you as Locke leaves and then gives Charlie a look.

The "tailies" are walking through the jungle, quietly. Jin says something and Sawyer staggers. Ana Lucia comes over and fusses about no talking. Michael wants to know what happened to them. She tells him that the others came and took three of them on the first night and then nine more on the second night. She calls them animals. She says that one gun and one bullet won't stop the others. She tells him to shut his mouth. Michael says that they took his son. She answers that they took a lot of things.

Act 3:
Shannon is sitting by Boone's grave with Vincent when Sayid walks up. He says that he knows what it is like to lose someone close to her. She says that it is not about Boone. She saw Walt. He asks why they are by Boone's grave. She gets up to go find Walt and tells Sayid to go back.

Flashback #3:
Shannon's roommate hands her the letter from the dance company in New York . She's been accepted. She's excited. The phone rings and Shannon 's excitement has disappeared. She hangs up and tells her roommate that her rent check bounced. Her roommate says that she's rich.

Flashback #3 con't:
Shannon is at her stepmother's house and asks about her checks bouncing. She says that is what happens when there are no deposits made. Her stepmother tells her that there was no will and there is no money from her father. Her stepmother says she needs to work. Shannon needs some money to get to New York to start the internship, but her stepmother turns her down.

Charlie and Locke are playing backgammon. Locke wants Charlie to make sure that he didn't get the wrong idea about him and Claire. Charlie asks if she told him about the fight and Locke said that she didn't call it a fight. Charlie says that she was going to put Aaron up for adoption. Locke says he knows and that was why he built the cradle. Charlie says she needs to learn about being a mother and Locke points out that he's a heroin addict. Charlie says he a "recovering" heroin addict.

The "tailies" are walking through the tall grass. Sawyer struggles and Jin tries to help him. Sawyer finally falls down. He tells Michael that he would have left him behind. Michael answers that he's not Sawyer and he won't do that. Sawyer falls unconscious. Michael tries to revive him.

Act 4:
Libby gives Sawyer some water. She explains that he has a fever from an infection. Ana Lucia wants them to keep moving. Libby wants to rest, but Ana Lucia reminds them about the others and what happened to Goodwin. Michael says doesn't remember Goodwin and asks Eko to make a stretcher. He asks Bernard to find some sticks.

Sayid is following Shannon through what appears to be the same tall grass. He doesn't understand why she's following a Labrador . She tells him that they found the bottle of messages which means that the raft is gone and Walt is out there somewhere. She starts walking again as thunder is heard.

>The "tailies" are carrying Sawyer in a stretcher. They work to bring him up a steep incline. At the top, Ana Lucia notices that Cindy is gone. Ana Lucia says that she is going after her. Eko says that they stay together. Ana Lucia blames him because he took them through the jungle to try and save Sawyer. They start hearing whispers. Michael asks what it is. Ana Lucia pulls the gun and tells them to run.

Act 5:
Flashback #4:
Shannon is packing in her apartment. Boone walks in, closes the door and sits down. He tells Shannon that his mother told him no, probably because she knew. Shannon asks him if she can crash at his place in New York . He says that he's leaving New York , because his mother offered him a job. He gives her an envelope and says that it's all he's got. He says that at the end of the mother, he will be able to help her. She says that he doesn't think that she can do it on her own. When he won't say that he thinks that she can, she gives him back the envelope. She sobs that she doesn't want his money and that she can make it on her own. Boone takes the envelope leaves as Shannon tries to regain her composure.

Shannon slips and falls in the rain. Sayid goes to help her up and she doesn't want any help. She wants to know why he doesn't believe her. She says that when they get back, he'll leave her. He tells her that he won't leave her, that he loves her and that he believes her. They hug and then the jungle whispers start. Shannon looks around and sees Walt. She asks Sayid if he sees him too and he nods. She takes off after Walt. Sayid is frozen for a moment and then tries to follow. He trips. As he gets up, he hears a gunshot. He runs to the brush and finds Shannon has been shot. She collapses in his arms. As he holds her, he looks over at someone. Ana Lucia is holding the gun. She puts it down as Eko, Libby, Jin and Michael look on. The rain suddenly stops as Sayid starts to express anger on his face.

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