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Lost Season Two Episode Summaries
"Abandoned" (#206)
Episode Notes & Unanswered Questions:

  • Sawyer calls Ana Lucia, "Ponce de Leon." Spanish explorer Ponce de Leon is regarded as the first explorer to set foot in what would become the contiguous United States of America when he landed in Florida in 1513. He also founded the first settlement in Puerto Rico in 1508.

  • Unanswered Questions:
  • Why doesn't Jack give Shannon and Sabrina the news since he was the doctor on duty in the ER when Adam Rutherford arrived and is still at the hospital when they arrive? Is it because he can't bring himself to give them the news himself? Is it because of his horrible "bedside manner?" Was he in that hallway so he could the family he had affected with his choice in the ER?
  • Does Jack recognize Shannon as the daughter of Mr. Rutherford from the ER that day? If so, is Shannon's presence on the Island a constant reminder of that fateful decision and causing some of his erratic behavior?
  • Why does the doctor seem to portray that Adam Rutherford died at the scene of the accident? Is he covering for Jack? Is that what Jack told him? Is that what Jack's father told him (to say)?
  • Who are the kids that Libby asks about? (See Episode 2.07)
  • Why does Ana Lucia shush Libby when she asks about the kids? (See Episode 2.07)
  • Is Walt's appearance a vision or a projection? He can't possibly be a dream, because Sayid sees him as well. Why does he talk backwards? Why is he still wet? Is he referring to his father and the "tailies?" Is he warning Shannon about the Others? Is Walt being used to set Shannon up, or is he trying to warn her off, which backfires?
  • Why is Charlie so concerned about Aaron? And shows so little concern for Claire? Is Aaron filling in for the drugs? Or is this an indication of his own issues from childhood or some unknown failed previous relationship?
  • Why is Claire so uncomfortable with the possibility of Charlie being religious? Is it just a manifestation of her discomfort over the fact that Charlie is playing Dad and Husband to her and Aaron? Or did she have a bad experience with religion in her past, perhaps because of her pregnancy out of wedlock?
  • Why wasn't Eko talking? What happened that he's talking now? Did the Island give him back the ability to speak, like it did for Locke? Did he stop speaking because of the crash or what happened to the Others? (See Episode 2.07)
  • What is going on between Claire and Locke? There seems to be an undercurrent there, but what kind of interest? Father-daughter? Or more romantic?
  • What was the paper that Locke was looking at? Is it important like Sawyer's letter was?
  • If the Others knew about the crash almost immediately (they came on the first night) and then came back to the tailies again, why haven't they attacked the fuselage survivors? Is the monster actually keeping the Others away from the survivors?
  • What has happened to the three and then the nine tail section survivors that were taken? (See Episode 207)
  • Who is Sayid referring to when he says he knows what it's like to lose someone you care about? Nadia? But she's not dead, so that's not a good parallel, so maybe someone else in his life that we haven't seen yet?
  • In the backgammon game between Charlie and Locke, who was black and who was white? Does this game foreshadow an upcoming conflict between the two? Over Claire or the drugs?
  • What did the Others do to the "tailies?" We know that Goodwin is dead, but what exactly happened to him? (See Episode 207)
  • What happened to Cindy? Did the Others take her? Did the Whisperers take her? Did she take off on her own?
  • Have the "tailies" heard the Whispers before? Perhaps before the Others did whatever they did to the tailies?
  • What exactly happened at the end of the episode? Did Walt set Shannon up? Is Walt being used by the Others (or the Whisperers)? How do the whispers tied in? Are the whispers the Others? Are the whisperers tied to the Dharma Initiative or in the other Dharma stations?
  • Did Ana Lucia really shoot Shannon , as it appears, or did something else transpire that we haven't yet seen? (See Episodes 207 & 208)

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