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Lost Season Two Episode Summaries
"Abandoned" (#206):

Act 5:
Flashback #4: Shannon packs boxes in her apartment. Boone walks in, closes the door and sits down near Shannon . He tells Shannon that his mother told him no, probably because she knew why he was asking for the money. Shannon asks him if she can crash at his place in New York for a little while until she gets on her feet. He says that he's leaving New York , because his mother offered him a job. She's surprised that he chose to work for his mother. He says that she offered him a really good job. He gives her an envelope and says that it's all he's got, but that he'll be able to get to his trust fund at the end of the month and be able to keep her going then. She says thanks, but she'll figure it out on her own. He tells her that she doesn't know how long it will take to get going so she should take the money he's offering. She says that he doesn't think that she can make it on her own. When he won't refute her, she gives him back the envelope. She sobs that she doesn't want his money, tells him to go work for his mother and that she can make it on her own. Boone takes the envelope leaves as Shannon tries to regain her composure.

Shannon runs in the rain holding Vincent's leash. She trips and falls, while Vincent keeps going. Sayid runs up, asks her if she's okay and goes to help her up. She adamantly refuses his help. Sayid suggests that they go back. She wants to know why he doesn't believe her. Sayid says nothing. She says that she needs him to believe in her. He says he does believe in her, but she says neither he nor anyone else believes in her because they think she's a joke and worthless. She says that when they get back [get rescued], he'll leave her. He tells her that he won't leave her, that he loves her and that he believes her. They hug and then the jungle whispers start. Sayid seems to spot something and Shannon turns around to look as well and sees Walt. She turns back and asks Sayid if he sees Walt too and he nods. Shannon calls him, but he says "shhhh." She gets up ands heads for him, but he moves out of sight. Sayid is frozen for a moment as he tries to process it all and then gets up to follow Shannon . He trips and she disappears out of the clearing. As he gets up, he hears a gunshot. He runs to the edge of the clearing and Shannon comes stumbling back to him with a wound in her midsection. She collapses in his arms. As he holds her, he looks over at someone. Ana Lucia is holding the gun. She puts it down as Eko, Libby, Jin and Michael look on. The rain suddenly stops as Sayid's expression appears to turn from sorrow to anger.

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