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Lost Season Two Episode Summaries
"Abandoned" (#206):

It's dark at the beach camp as Shannon gives Vincent some water. She gets up and Sayid comes along. He tells her to gather her things and come with him. She asks him about where they are going and he doesn't answer.

Sayid leads Shannon further down the beach. He says right over here. Shannon again asks where they are going. She has a big smile on her face.

Sayid leads her to a shelter. He asks her what she thinks of it. She asks if it has an inside. Sayid opens one flap for her.

Shannon walks inside to find a rather roomy shelter with a table stocked and a fire. The table has a bowl of fruit, a bottle of water and a bouquet of flowers. Shannon walks to the far side shelter and Sayid steps inside. She asks him when he built it. He simply tells her that it's all hers. She starts to tear up and tells him thank you. He tells her "your quite welcome" as he steps a bit closer. They look at each other for a moment before he begins to move toward her. She gets "that look" as well. They kiss. She presses him close to her. He stops, apologizes and pulls out a gun. He sets it under a pack near the fire. Shannon asks if he needs to carry it all the time. He answers that he only carries it because he has someone to protect. They kneel and go back to kissing as they descend to the floor.

The "tailies" are in the jungle in a grove of trees. Cindy sits against a tree and watches, while Bernard, Libby and Sawyer are each propped up against a tree and appear to be sleeping. Cindy tells Ana Lucia that it has to have been more than an hour [since they stopped] and asks if they should start moving again. Ana Lucia stands nearby and tells her to let them rest a while longer. Cindy asks, "what if they come?" Ana Lucia says nothing. Sawyer, who apparently wasn't really asleep, says that Ana Lucia is lost. Ana Lucia says she isn't. Sawyer calls her "Ponce de Leon," and asks her which way they should go. Ana Lucia's answer is to ask the hot shot which way he would choose. He says he's "with her" which is to wait for Mr. Eko. Ana Lucia blames Michael for running off and points out that Sawyer didn't seem to have a problem leaving him behind. He makes a comment about Michael only caring about himself and Walt, which has nothing to do with him. Michael chimes in right then with "glad you feel that way." Sawyer says that he didn't expect to see him again. Michael walks by and Jin follows him Jin stops and checks on Sawyer's wound which is getting worse.

Ana Lucia asks Eko if he's okay. He says he is, but that they have to go because he saw the Others. Bernard is surprised. Cindy wants to know where and how many. Libby asks about the kids, but Ana Lucia shushes her. Eko reiterates that they need to go. Ana Lucia says that they are moving out. They get up and head out. Jin helps Sawyer to his feet.

In the shelter, Shannon and Sayid are in bed. She asks if the shelter, the flowers, the (.) mean that they are now "serious." He teases her by answering that he does it for all the girls he meets on deserted islands. She tells him not to go anywhere and starts to get up. He asks where she is going and she says that she is going to get some water. She then starts to get up to get some water. He gives her a couple kisses and tells her that he will. He gets up, puts his pants back on, grabs the water bottle and walks out. After a moment, the tent flap opens and the candle blows out. Shannon thinks that it is Sayid, but it's Walt. He whispers something and she screams.

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