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Lost Season Two Episode Summaries
"The Other 48 Days" (#207):

Act 1:
Cindy sits on the beach, trying to process what has happened. Eko asks her to watch Emma and Zack because he has something to do. She agrees to do so and Eko tells the kids to stay with her for a few minutes.

Eko heads back out into the water and starts dragging the bodies ashore.

Libby checks out a man's leg. He has a compound fracture. He asks if it's bad. He's the same man from before, because Ana Lucia can be seen sitting next to him. Libby says that it's not too bad and then tells him about breaking her leg while skiing at Stowe in Vermont . She describes racing a "cute ski patrol guy" while she went off a mogul, lost her edge and "Bam." She sets his leg at that moment with a crack that draws a reaction from Ana Lucia and a scream from the man before he passes out. She finishes her story by saying that when she snapped her left leg, "that was bad." As Libby puts the leg in a splint, Ana Lucia asks her if she is a doctor. Libby says she was in med school, but dropped out and became a clinical psychologist. Libby then points out that Ana Lucia saved Emma's life and wants to know if Ana Lucia is a doctor. Ana Lucia simply says no.

Goodwin calls for help. He says someone is in the jungle that is alive. Ana Lucia gets up and runs after him.

Ana Lucia follows Goodwin to where they find a man calling for help, still buckled into his seat and perched precariously high in a tree. The passenger next to him is dead. Goodwin suggests that they climb up to help, but Ana Lucia interrupts him. Ana Lucia calls up to him and asks for his name. He says it's Bernard. Ana Lucia tells him that he needs to unbuckle and grab hold of the tree. He points out that the other passenger is dead. Goodwin again wants to climb up the tree and Ana Lucia disagrees. She talks him through it and he grabs the tree just as the branch breaks and the seat falls. Ana Lucia tells him that she's coming up to get him.

As dusk begins to settle in at the beach, Eko walks with the two kids on the beach. Libby asks if anyone has some water as she checks on Donald's leg again. Eko then walks by Goodwin who is trying to start a fire by rubbing sticks. Ana Lucia walks up and asks Goodwin if he found any matches. He says no dry ones, but she's free to ask around. He points out that it will be dark soon and they need to get a signal fire started so the rescuers can find them. Ana Lucia asks him if he's a boy scout. He says that he's in the Peace Corps. She voices surprise that "they still have that." He comments that he's surprised that someone her age has even heard of it. They smile at each other and then introduce themselves to each other.

That night, Bernard gets up from the fire and walks over to Eko, who is sitting away from everyone. Bernard says that he had been told that Eko was the one who had pulled all the bodies out. He asks him if any of them were African-American and Eko says no. Bernard explains that he's looking for his wife. Eko says that he will pray for Bernard's wife. Bernard then wonders where the rescuers are. Eko says that he "will pray for them too."

Later that night, the tailies are sleeping around the fire when they are awakened by the sounds of a struggle. Ana Lucia wants to know what it was. She tells Libby to watch the kids. Goodwin grabs a torch from the fire and Ana Lucia follows him. As they leave, Cindy and Libby try to reassure Emma and Zack.

Goodwin and Ana Lucia head toward where Eko had been earlier. They find Eko between two bodies ("Others"). He briefly looks at them with an almost primal expression. He and the rock he's holding are covered in blood. Ana Lucia asks him what happened, but he doesn't answer.

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