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"The Other 48 Days" (#207):

This summary was written during the episode's first airing, so be prepared for some omissions and incorrect details as a result.

Previously (Recap):
There is no recap. The new episode begins immediately..

The episode opens with a quiet view of the ocean from the Island 's beach. A sound builds until the tail section comes crashing down into the water just offshore.

Day 1:
Ana Lucia struggles to the surface. She sees survivors carrying on their own struggles and also the dead. Various screams for help and of panic can be heard. She makes it to the beach. Eko drags a woman onto the beach. Cindy struggles to the beach. Ana Lucia goes back into the water. Eko brings a boy out, who cries for his sister, Emma. Eko goes back for his sister, Emma. He lays her on the beach and tells Ana Lucia that she is not breathing. Ana Lucia gives her CPR. Eko leads the boy away, so he's doesn't watch. The girl finally starts coughing up water. Emma asks for her mother. She says she's waiting for them in Los Angeles . Ana Lucia promises to get her to Los Angeles to her mother. Ana Lucia looks around inland at the Island and down the beach. As the shot pulls away toward the Island showing the chaos on the beach, the tail can be seen sinking under the surface.

Act 1:
Cindy sits on the beach. Eko asks her to watch the two kids because he has something to do. He heads back out into the water and starts dragging the dead ashore.

Libby checks out a man's leg. She tells him a story about breaking her leg while snowboarding as a distraction so she can set his leg. Ana Lucia asks her if she is a doctor. Libby says she's a clinical psychologist.

Goodwin calls for help. He says someone is in the jungle.

Ana Lucia follows to where they find Bernard still buckled into his seat and perched precariously high in a tree. The passenger next to him is dead. Ana Lucia talks him into unbuckling his seat belt and grabbing the tree. The seats fall, but Bernard is safe in the tree.

Eko walks with the two kids on the beach. Libby asks if anyone has some water.

Goodwin tries to make a fire using just sticks. Ana Lucia asks him if he has any matches. He says no and she asks him if he's a boy scout. He says that he's in the Peace Corps. They introduce themselves to each other.

That night, Bernard gets up from the fire and goes over to Eko. He asks him if any of them were African-American and Eko says no. Bernard explains that he's looking for his wife. Eko says that he will pray for Bernard's wife.

Later that night, the tailies are sleeping when they are awakened by strange sounds. Goodwin grabs a torch from the fire and Ana Lucia follows him to the edge of the forest. They find Eko between two bodies ("Others"). He and the rock he's hold are covered in blood. Ana Lucia asks him what happened, but he doesn't answer.

Act 2:
Day 2:
Eko stands over to two bodies. Ana Lucia says they have nothing on them (keys, wallet, cell phone). Ana Lucia asks Eko if he is okay. Nathan runs up and says that three of them are missing. Eko fashions a staff from a branch off to the side.

Down on the beach, Ana Lucia says that they need to get off the beach. Nathan wants to stay on the beach and Goodwin agrees. Ana Lucia says that they have the black box. Cindy says that they were flying for two hours in the wrong direction, so no one will know where to find them.

Libby tells Ana Lucia that Donald's leg is getting worse because of infection. Ana Lucia coldly asks what they are supposed to do about it. Libby is surprised by her response.

Day 5:
Donald has died and they bury him.

Day 7:
The tailies are chasing a chicken. Goodwin manages to catch it and snap its neck.

Goodwin cooks it. Eko sits down the beach alone, carving markings into his staff. Libby walks up and asks if he wants some chicken. She says he hasn't spoken in a week. She tries to tell him that it wasn't his fault because he was defending herself.

Day 12:
Ana Lucia fashions a weapon as Goodwin walks up. They see the two kids playing. Nathan walks out of the forest and Ana Lucia wants to know where he was. He says that he had to go to the bathroom. She tells him that they are supposed to go in pairs.

That night, the Others attack again. They take the kids. Ana Lucia wants to know where they went. One of the Others has been killed. Ana Lucia searches her and finds that she has a pocketknife and a list of nine names of the tailies.

Act 3:
That night, Eko returns. Ana Lucia asks if there is any sign of them or the kids. Eko says nothing. She gets mad. Goodwin tells her to calm down. She points out that they had a list of the survivors' names. Nathan makes a comment and Ana Lucia asks him where he was for two hours. She then points out that Goodwin wanted the signal fire. He suggests that they let it go out and Ana Lucia turns back to eye Nathan.

Day 15:
The tailes are hiking through the jungle. They find a stream and she says that they have five minutes. Bernard points out that they have been walking for three days. She insists. Nathan points out that there is fresh water and food nearby, so Ana Lucia reluctantly agrees.

Ana Lucia is digging when Libby walks up. She talks to Ana Lucia about Nathan being gone for two hours yesterday and how he "creeps" her out. Ana Lucia says that's why she's digging a hole.

Bernard and Nathan are making a snare when Ana Lucia walks up and decks Nathan.

Ana Lucia throws him into the pit.

Ana Lucia, Libby, Cindy, Bernard and Goodwin talk. They all decide that they didn't see Nathan on the plane.

That night, Ana Lucia questions Nathan. He says he's from Canada and had been on a company retreat, although none of the others from his company were on the plane. He says he was in the lavatory for two hours and then says that he didn't see her on the plane either.

Day 23:
Ana Lucia questions him again. She finds out that he had a banana.

Ana Lucia talks with the other tailies. Bernard points out that she may be wrong. She says that Nathan suggested that they stay at the beach where they could be picked off.

Down by the stream, Ana Lucia refreshes herself and Goodwin comes up. He says the rest are worried about her. She says that she made a promise to Emma. He asks her if she has kids and she answers that she doesn't. He says that they should let Nathan go because they are not savages. She says that she would have cut off his finger already if she were a savage and walks off.

That night, the pit door opens. Goodwin lowers a rope and pulls Nathan out. He tells Nathan that they think Ana Lucia is going to hurt him. Goodwin gives Nathan a parcel which he says has fruit and points him in the direction of the beach. As Nathan walks by Goodwin, Goodwin grabs him and breaks his neck.

Act 4:
Day 24:
Ana Lucia wakes up and finds Goodwin next to her, wide awake. He tells her good morning. Cindy comes running up and tells her that Nathan is gone.

At the pit, Ana Lucia decides that the Others have found them, so they need to move out.

Ana Lucia leads them back to the beach.

Day 27:
The tailies spot a door. Ana Lucia thinks it's a bunker. Goodwin has a curious expression on his face.

Eko opens it up and "Quarantine" can be seen written on the inside of the door.

Eko walks in and sees the Dharma symbol (with an arrow).

Cindy finds a lamp and turns it on.

They find a chest that contains a Bible (which Eko opens up), a glass eye and radio.

Outside, Bernard turns it and attempts to use it. Goodwin says that the hills are blocking the signal. He volunteers to take it to higher ground alone. Ana Lucia insists on joining him.

As the two of them walk uphill, they talk about the Others. Goodwin points out that the Others started with strongest, who could be a threat. She says that he wasn't taken and he says that maybe their plan changed after two of them were killed. They reach a spot and stop. He asks for the knife and produces some fruit. He cuts a piece for Ana Lucia. Ana Lucia points out that the knife is a twenty year old U.S. Army issue. She asks him how he knew Bernard was in the tree and was able to hear him from the ocean. She calls him out as one of the Others. She asks him where they are. She asks him if he killed Nathan. Goodwin answers that she might have started to figure it out, so he had to kill him. He also says that Nathan was not a good person. She asks about the kids and he says that they are fine and are better off now. She lunges at him with the knife and they struggle. He finally ends up impaled on the staff.

Ana Lucia returns to the bunker. The other tailies ask where Goodwin is. She tells them that they are safe here now.

Day 41:
Bernard tries the radio. Boone can be heard on the radio. Bernard starts to answer and Ana Lucia turns it off. She says that the Others are trying to lure them. Bernard suggests that there are other survivors. She says there are no other survivors.

Ana Lucia sits down by the stream and begins to cry. Eko walks out. She wants to know what he wants. He tells her that it's going to be okay. He then comes over to her. She asks him that he talking now. He says that it's been forty days. She wants to know why he waited forty days to talk. She points out that she waited forty days to cry. She starts sobbing as he holds her.

Act 5:
Day 45:
Cindy and Libby make a fishing net on the beach. Cindy spots something. The two of them run down the beach and find Jin. Libby sends Cindy to get Ana Lucia.

Jin is blindfolded. Eko takes off his blindfold and asks who he is. Jin answers in Korean.

The tailies discuss Jin. Bernard points out that he doesn' speak English. Ana Lucia points out that he has a broken handcuff on his wrist. Just then Jin gets away. They go after him.

Jin runs onto the beach where Michael and Sawyer struggle ashore. This starts a series of quick clips of scenes already seen in previous episodes involving the tailies.

Day 47:
The tailies all hike through the jungle as Sawyer gets worse and finally slips unconscious.

Day 48:
The tailies panic about Cindy being missing. The whispers start. Ana Lucia pulls her gun. Shannon is glimpsed for a moment and Ana fires. This is followed by the sequence that ended episode 206.

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