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Lost Season Two Episode Summaries
"The Other 48 Days" (#207):

  • Libby once broke her leg while skiing at Stowe in Vermont.
  • Libby attended med school, but dropped out.

  • Episode Notes:
  • Except for the very last sequence, the entire episode only features the "tailies."
  • Of the Season 1 Regulars, only Michael, Jin, Sayid and Shannon appear and they only do so in the last minutes of the episode in the same sequence (with minor differences) that ended Episode 206.
  • The last sequence in this episode concerning Shannon 's shooting contains the second use of overlapping/repeating of time sequences in the first seven episodes of the second season. The first concerned Desmond, Jack, Kate, Locke and the Hatch in Episodes 201 & 202, which ended with Jack's confrontation of Desmond each time.

  • The Numbers (4, 8, 15, 16, 23, 42):
  • On the 15th day, the tailies find fresh water.
  • On the 23rd day, Nathan is killed by Goodwin in an effort to protect himself.
  • After Goodwin is killed, the number of tailies settles to five.
  • Just before the Jungle Whispers are heard and Shannon is shot, Cindy disappears bringing the number of tailies to four.

  • Unanswered Questions:
  • Was that Zack or Emma that was carrying the teddy bear when the Others walked by Jin and Eko in Episode 205 (". and Found")?
  • Why does Eko seem to keep himself apart from the rest of the survivors, except for looking after the children? Is it in an effort to repress emotions, such as the primal look that he had when the Others attacked him?
  • If the Others attempted to take Eko on the first night and failed, why didn't they attempt to take him on the twelfth night? Goodwin says they take the strongest and are the most threat. Does this mean that Eko is no longer considered a threat? If so, why?
  • What was Nathan doing in the jungle for two hours?
  • Would Ana Lucia really have cut Nathan's finger off in an effort to find out what the Others did with the children?
  • What did Goodwin do with Nathan's body?
  • How long was the flight in the air before it crashed? Cindy says that after losing communication at some point, they turned and flew in the wrong direction for two hours, but later Ana Lucia says that they were in the air a TOTAL of two hours and no one disputes her. Is this just a BIG continuity gaffe?
  • Goodwin has a curious look on his face when the tailies first find the Dharma bunker and then the contents of the chest. Does this mean that the Others didn't know the existence, or at least the whereabouts of this bunker?
  • Who did the contents of the trunk belong to? Someone from the Dharma project? The Others? Danielle? Other Island survivors?
  • Why is Eko so interesting in the Bible? Does he recognize it? Is it more simply because of his religious beliefs?
  • Is it possible that the Bible belonged to the Nigerian drug smugglers disguised as priests and that Eko is tied to them in some way?
  • Where did the outdated Army-issue knife that was found on the female Other come from?
  • Did the Others come by it indirectly somehow (found it?), as Goodwin's seeming ignorance of it military origin indicates?
  • Was there a now abandoned US military presence on the Island ?
  • Does Ana Lucia have a military background, as her knowledge of the knife seemed to indicate?
  • Do the Others not really consider what they are doing as attacks, as Goodwin seems to indicate? Even though they are willing to commit violence (shooting Sawyer for example) during their efforts to take those that they want.
  • Is strength and toughness all that is considered a threat to the Others?
  • Why didn't the Others try to take Eko a second time, after failing the first time, if he was considered a threat at first? Did they learn something from Goodwin that made him not a "good person" to take?
  • Why didn't the Others consider Nathan to be a good person?
  • Does this also mean that Ana Lucia isn't considered a good person by the Others, since she's obviously tough, but they haven't attempted to take her?
  • Why is Ana Lucia so touchy about the children? Goodwin seemed to deliberately make the comment about them being better off to antagonize her and throw her off. Did he know something more about her past? Would this also explain why she might not be a "good person" to take?

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