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Lost Season Two Episode Summaries
"The Other 48 Days" (#207):

Act 5:
Day 45:
Cindy and Libby work on a fishing net on the beach. Cindy spots something washing up on the beach. The two of them run down the beach and find Jin. They drag him up out of the surf. Libby sends Cindy to get Ana Lucia.

Jin is blindfolded. Eko takes off his blindfold and asks who he is and where he is from. Jin answers in Korean.

Bernard points out that Jin doesn't speak English and Cindy points out that they found him helpless in the water. Ana Lucia points out that he has a broken handcuff on his wrist. Eko walks up and says that he's not sure if Jin is a threat. Just then Jin breaks lose. Ana Lucia sees him take off and the tailies chase after him.

Jin runs onto the beach as Michael and Sawyer struggle ashore. He runs up to them and says "Others."

Montage of clips from previous episodes without dialogue:
Eko decks Sawyer. Eko takes out Michael and the Jin. The tailies drag the three of them in the net. The three of them are thrown into the pit and Eko closes the trap door.

Eko packs a pair of homemade machetes into a bag. Ana Lucia tells him to hit her. He asks why. She says that he thinks that they are okay, so "let's find out." She tells him to hit her again and he does.

Montage of clips from previous episodes without dialogue:
Eko dumps Ana Lucia into the pit. They notice the wound on her face. Ana Lucia grabs the gun from Sawyer, punches him and puts the gun on them.

Day 46:
Montage of clips from previous episodes without dialogue continues:
Jin is pulled from the pit. Sawyer looks at Ana Lucia. Ana Lucia stands in front of the bunker door as Bernard opens it and Jin, Sawyer and Michael react. Ana Lucia walks into the bunker. The three look around the sparse bunker.

Day 47:
Montage of clips from previous episodes without dialogue continues:
Two shots as they hike through the jungle. They reach the high point on the rocky shoreline. Sawyer stumbles. Ana Lucia watches. Eko watches Sawyer stumble by. Sawyer collapses in the tall grass. Sawyer is carried in the stretcher. Cindy turns and looks over her shoulder.

Day 48 (Today):
The tailies panic about Cindy being missing as it rains. They move through the forest on edge, as Michael and Jin carry Sawyer in the stretcher. The whispers start and they all come to a stop. Ana Lucia pulls her gun and starts spinning around wildly. Shannon can be seen for a moment. Ana Lucia turns toward a sound and fires. She shoots Shannon, who stops and staggers back. Michael, who is at the back of the group, and apparently didn't see Shannon in the rain, asks what that [what Ana Lucia shot at] was.

Montage of clips from previous episode without dialogue:
Sayid looks up from Shannon , while Ana Lucia stands in the foreground. Jin looks back at Michael. Sayid has a blank look on his face as he holds Shannon . Ana Lucia looks at Sayid and Shannon.

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