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Lost Season Two Episode Summaries
"The Other 48 Days" (#207):

Act 3:
The tailies have gathers back around the signal fire. , Eko returns. Ana Lucia asks if there is any sign of them or the kids. Eko says nothing. Ana Lucia comments that they managed to drag nine people into the jungle and yet left no trail. Ana Lucia gets mad at Eko when he still won't speak. Eko shows some displease, but then just moves off. Ana Lucia continues yelling at him. Nathan tells her to calm down, so they can all "figure this out." She points out that they had a list of the survivors' names and even what they were wearing. Nathan says that the Others could have gotten the names from the first three that they took. Ana Lucia points out that on the first night none of the survivors knew all the names of the other survivors. Nathan suggests that the Others are watching them. Ana Lucia points out that he was gone for two hours earlier that day. He reiterates that he was going to the bathroom. Goodwin steps in and says that they don't need to get paranoid. Bernard agrees since he doesn't understand why the Others would feel the need to "infiltrate" them. Libby points out that the Others know that they are on the beach, and they need to leave. Ana Lucia then points out that Goodwin wanted the signal fire. He suggests that they let it go out and Ana Lucia turns back to eye Nathan.

Day 15:
The tailies hike through the jungle. They find a stream and Ana Lucia says that they have five minutes. Bernard points out that they have been walking for three days. She points out that they are still safe [because of it] and that they have five minutes. Nathan says he's staying, because there is a rock wall at their back, fresh water and fruit nearby.

Day 17:
Ana Lucia is digging when Libby walks up. She talks to Ana Lucia about Nathan being gone for two hours the day the Others ended up coming back and how he "creeps" her out. Libby then asks if she really thinks that they could have been infiltrated by one of the Others. Ana Lucia says that's why she's digging a hole.

Day 19:
Bernard and Nathan are making a snare to catch rabbits when Ana Lucia walks up and kicks Nathan in the face, knocking him out.

Ana Lucia carries Nathan over to the pit and then throws him in. He demands to be let out. She says that they are going to have a talk and then closes the trap door on the pit.

As Nathan can be heard yelling some distance away, Ana Lucia, Libby, Cindy, Bernard and Goodwin talk. Ana Lucia says that they were in the air two hours and she never saw him on the airplane. Goodwin starts to say something, but Cindy interrupts and claims that she never saw him either. Goodwin again tries to throw a wet blanket on the discussion. Libby points out that he never talks about himself. Bernard wants to know why Nathan would still be around if he were one of the Others and Ana Lucia says that she's going to find out and she walks off. Eko stands several feet away, clearly having been listening. She asks Eko if he has a problem with what she is doing. He just looks at her and after a few moments, she walks on.

That night, Ana Lucia questions Nathan. She asks him the whereabouts of the kids and he says nothing. Ana Lucia then asks where he's from and what he was doing in Australia . He answers that he's from Canada and had been on a company retreat. None of the others from his company were on the plane because he spent a couple extra days sightseeing. She asks him where he was on the plane and he answers that he was in the lavatory for two hours and then says that he didn't see her on the plane either. She then ends the interrogation by closing the trap door again.

Day 23:
Ana Lucia again asks Nathan the kids' whereabouts and he says nothing. She notices something behind him and when he doesn't tell her what it is, she orders him to get up. When Nathan doesn't move, she throws a rock at him. When he dodges the rock, she discovers a banana peel.

Ana Lucia asks the other tailies about who gave Nathan food. She says that she's trying to find out what They did to [the rest of] us. She then looks right at Bernard and says that "you're taking care of him." Bernard denies doing anything and then points out that she may be wrong. Bernard again voices his skepticism that there is an "infiltrator." She says that Nathan suggested that they stay at the beach where they could be picked off "one by one." Libby points out that the Others haven't come since Nathan was put in the pit. As she asks again about giving the food to Nathan, Eko walks up behind her and stops. She turns and asks him. He simply looks back at her for a moment and then walks by her.

Down by the stream, Ana Lucia refreshes herself and Goodwin comes up. He says the rest are worried about her because she's had Nathan in the pit for four days. She says that she made a promise to Emma to get her back to her mother. He asks her if she has kids and she answers that she doesn't. He says that they should let Nathan go because they are not savages. She says that she would have cut off his finger already if she were a savage. She says that's for tomorrow and walks off.

That night, the pit trap door opens. Goodwin lowers a rope and pulls Nathan out. He tells Nathan that they think Ana Lucia is going to hurt him. Goodwin gives Nathan a parcel which he says has fruit and tells him that he needs to go. Nathan asks which way to the beach and Goodwin points back behind him and says that it's five miles or so distant. As Nathan walks by Goodwin, Goodwin grabs him and breaks his neck.

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