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Lost Season Two Episode Summaries
"The Other 48 Days" (#207):

Island Mysteries:
  • The Others take several survivors including the two children. Goodwin says they are better off and Jin and Eko see the same teddy bear that Zack finds. This seems to indicate that the kids are alive.
  • The Others that Eko killed had no shoes, nothing in their pockets and not even any labels on their clothes.
  • On the first night, the Others take three "tailies":
    • the blond guy
    • the curly-haired guy
    • the German that was helping with the injured.
  • On the twelfth night, the Others take nine "tailies:" the two children (Zack and Emma) and seven others.
  • Three "Others" die in this episode by a hand-wielded rock. The fourth dies by impalement
    • Two men on the first night by Eko
    • A woman on the twelfth night by Ana Lucia
    • Goodwin on the fortieth day by impalement by Ana Lucia
  • The female "Other" had a pocketknife in addition to the list that Goodwin gave her.
  • On Day 27, the Tailies find a Dharma bunker which aside from electricity is sparce.
  • In the Dharma bunker ("Arrow") is a chest that has a blanket, a Bible, a glass eye and a radio.
  • Goodwin does well to deflect suspicion, as had Ethan which may indicate the intelligence of most/all of the Others:
    • He "infiltrates" the group by letting them know about Bernard, rather than chancing that Bernard somehow survives on his own.
    • When he manages to start a fire, he claims to be a member of the Peace Corps.
    • When Ana Lucia points out that he's the one that first suggested the signal fire, he voices the suggestion to let it go out.
    • Goodwin voices skepticism over Nathan being an Other, which makes the other tailies voice their arguments and thus reinforce their belief that Nathan is the "infiltrator."
    • Before Ana Lucia's suspicions of Nathan can be dispelled, Goodwin helps him escape, kills him and hides his body. This reinforces suspicions of Nathan, while also distracting them with heightened worries of another attack.
  • Goodwin doesn't seem to know about the military origin of the knife, which may indicate that it came into the possession of the Others indirectly.
  • Goodwin's story finally starts to unravel when he arouses Ana Lucia's suspicions by trying to take off with the radio alone and blows apart when he answers her that he heard Bernard from the beach in the first minutes after the crash.
  • Goodwin might have given some insights into the Others:
    • They may not consider taking the survivors as attacks. Perhaps they consider it liberating or recruiting excursions.
    • The Others start with the strongest and toughest, and who can be considered most threatening.
    • The Others have some sort of additional guideline, because Nathan wasn't considered "good."
  • Ana Lucia, Eko and Nathan all displayed a strong independence, if not rebelliousness. This could be considered to be not a "good" trait.
  • Transcripts of the Jungle Whispers are available under Insights.

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