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Lost Season Two Episode Summaries
"The Other 48 Days" (#207):

The episode opens with a quiet view of the ocean from an empty portion of the Island 's beach. A seagull can even be heard for a moment. A sound builds. Debris starts raining down as the tail section crashes down into the water just offshore.

Day 1:
The camera shot starts underwater, pops above the surface, back under and above again to see the tail of the Oceanic plan peaking out of the water. Ana Lucia struggles to the surface. Screams can be heard as Ana Lucia looks toward the shore where bodies, survivors and debris are spread on the beach and in the adjoining water. As new screams of pain and panic cut in and out, Ana Lucia looks around her and sees other survivors carrying on their own struggles. Ana Lucia swims for the beach. Eko struggles to walk out of the surf. Ana Lucia reaches the beach and strips off her water-logged jacket. Eko drags a woman onto the beach. Cindy struggles to the beach. Ana Lucia goes back into the water to help more people to shore. Libby is already on the beach, but soaking wet. Eko carries a boy [Zack] out. Zack is calling for his sister, Emma, who Eko sees is laying face down in the water. Eko goes back for his sister, Emma. As Eko brings her up to the beach, Zack can be seen clutching a brown teddy bear. Eko lays her on the beach. Ana Lucia tells a man that she'll be back and comes over. Eko tells Ana Lucia that the girl is not breathing. Ana Lucia administers CPR. Eko leads Zack away, so he's doesn't watch. Zack puts the teddy bear down next to his sister before he goes with Eko, who reassures Zack that hi sister will be fine. Ana Lucia finally revives her and after she finishes coughing up water, Emma asks for her mother. Ana Lucia says she doesn't know. Emma says she's waiting for them in Los Angeles . Ana Lucia hears a man calling for his wife and then tells Emma that they aren't in Los Angeles yet, but promises to get her home to her mother. Ana Lucia looks around at the chaos on the beach, then inland at the Island . A loud noise draws her attention back to the water. The next shot pulls away inland with the chaos on the beach in the foreground and the airplane tail disappearing underwater in the distance.

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