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Lost Season Two Episode Summaries
"The Other 48 Days" (#207):

Act 2:
Day 2:
Eko stands off away from everyone, still wearing his now bloody clothes.

Ana Lucia looks over the two bodies and points out that they have nothing on them (keys, wallet, cell phone). Eko can be seen with his back to them, facing the ocean. He takes off the bloody shirt. Ana Lucia walks toward Eko and asks if he is okay. Again, he does not respond. Just then, Nathan runs up and says that three of the survivors are missing. She asks if he saw anything and he says he saw nothing. Nathan wonders about the identities of the two that Eko killed. Ana Lucia points out that they had no shoes, nothing in their pockets and didn't even have any labels in their clothes. She realizes that they were on the Island before the plane crash. From the time that Nathan broke the news of the missing, Eko has been off to the side of the group fashioning a club/stick from a sapling.

The survivors are back around the fire. Ana Lucia says that they need to get off the beach because they need to find a safer place. Nathan points out that they have kids and seriously injured, who would be difficult to move. He also points out that without the signal fire, they can't be rescued. Goodwin agrees with Nathan. Ana Lucia says that with satellites and the black box, the rescuers can find them. Cindy says that they do need a signal fire. She says that the pilot told her that they had lost communication, had turned back and that for two hours they had flown in the wrong direction. Cindy says that the rescuers won't know where to look. Ana Lucia has nothing to say, but looks at Nathan as if to accede to Nathan's arguments.

Day 3:
Goodwin and the rest of the survivors scour the beach for shell fish, breaking them open to find food.

Ana Lucia sits on the beach, working on a piece of clothing. Libby comes along and tells her that Donald's leg is getting worse because of the infection. He "would be the fourth." Ana Lucia coldly asks what they are supposed to do about it. Libby has no response and begins to move off.

Day 5:

Donald has died. Nathan and Goodwin lower him into a grave. Ana Lucia holds the children at the edge of the group. Eko is nearby, but turned away from the group and facing the ocean. Goodwin and Nathan bury Donald.

Day 7:
The tailies are chasing a chicken. Goodwin manages to catch it and snap its neck.

Goodwin cooks the chicken over the signal fire.

Eko sits down the beach alone, carving markings into his staff using a sharp rock. Libby walks up and sits down next to him. She asks if he wants some chicken and holds out a handful of it. It doesn't acknowledge the offer. She says he hasn't spoken in a week and then asks why he won't talk. She tries to tell him that it wasn't his fault because he was defending himself. Eko just goes on carving.

Day 12:
Ana Lucia sharpens a homemade weapon as Goodwin walks up. She mentions that she heard "pig or something" in the woods. They see the two kids playing nearby. Nathan walks out of the forest and Ana Lucia wants to know where he was. He says that he had to go to the bathroom. She tells him that they are supposed to go in pairs. He says he's sorry and Ana Lucia walks off.

That night the signal fire burns as the tailies sleep. The Others silently approach and then grab the kids and several others. Ana Lucia and Libby are awakened by the cries of the children. Ana Lucia starts running after them when she is taken down by one of the Others. They struggle and Ana Lucia manages to grab a rock and strike the Other. Libby and Goodwin run up to her and Libby says several people have been taken. Ana Lucia wants to know which way the Others went and neither Goodwin nor Libby know. Ana Lucia starts shaking the Other that she had fought with, who turns out to be a woman. Goodwin stops Ana Lucia, telling her that the woman is dead. Ana Lucia searches her and finds a pocketknife and a list of nine names of the tailies.

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