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Lost Season Two Episode Summaries
"The Other 48 Days" (#207):

Act 4:
Day 24:
Ana Lucia wakes up and finds Goodwin next to her, wide awake and watching her. He tells her good morning. Cindy comes running up and tells her that Nathan is gone.

At the pit, Bernard asks what they should do. Ana Lucia decides that the Others have found them, so they need to move out.

Day 26:
Ana Lucia leads them back to the shoreline.

Day 27:
The tailies spot a door. Ana Lucia thinks it's a bunker. Goodwin has a curious expression on his face. Libby wonders if it belongs to the Others. Eko simply walks up to the door.

Eko pries open the door and "Quarantine" can be seen written on the inside of the door.

Eko, Goodwin and Ana Lucia carry torches to provide light in the dark bunker. Eko walks in and sees the Dharma symbol (with an arrow). Cindy asks what the bunker is. Goodwin guesses that it looks like a storage bunker. Ana Lucia finds a controls box, turns the power on and electric lighting comes on. She then notices a chest, which they all open. The chest has a blanket, a glass eye, a Bible and a radio. Eko picks up the Bible and slowly opens the front cover.

Outside the bunker, Bernard turns on the radio and attempts to use it. Goodwin takes the radio from him and says that the hills are blocking the signal. He volunteers to take it to higher ground alone, while everyone else sets up the bunker as a shelter. Ana Lucia insists on joining him, saying that they can make it back in a couple of hours.

As Ana Lucia and Goodwin walk uphill, she asks him why he thinks the Others are taking the survivors. Goodwin says that they may not be attacking the survivors. Ana Lucia counters that they show up every once in a while and drag some survivors into the jungle. She then wonders why they took only some of the survivors. Goodwin points out that the Others started with four men (the three taken and Eko), who were strong, tough and athletic. They could be considered the most threatening. Ana Lucia points out that he wasn't taken. He guesses that maybe their plan changed after two of them were killed [by Eko]. Goodwin then suggests that they take a break. They sit down. He pointedly puts the radio near him. He asks for the knife and produces some fruit. She hands it over and he cuts the first piece for Ana Lucia. As they eat, Ana Lucia wonders where the Others got an Army knife considering that they don't even wear shoes. Goodwin doesn't seem to understand, so she asks for the knife back. She shows him a U.S. Army stamping on the knife. She then says that the knife must be nearly twenty years old because the stamp is twenty years old, and yet the knife has somehow made its way to the Island . She asks him how he found Bernard in the tree. Goodwin answers that he heard Bernard's shouting from the beach. Ana Lucia's demeanor changes immediately and he asks why she's asking. Ana Lucia asks him if Bernard saw him, so that's why he pretended to be one of the survivors. She points out that his explanation had to be a lie because he ran out of the jungle only minutes after the crash and wasn't even wet. Goodwin has nothing to say in response. She asks him where the rest of the Others are. She asks him about Nathan's disappearance. Goodwin answers that if she had cut Nathan's finger off and he still claimed to be on the plane, then he figures that she would have started to realize that she had the "wrong guy." She asks him if he killed Nathan and he answers that Nathan was not a good person, which is why he wasn't on the list. She asks about the kids and Goodwin says that they are fine and are even better off now. Ana Lucia finally loses control and lunges at him with the knife. He is able to disarm her before she throws him off. He grabs one of their sharpened staffs, which Goodwin attempts to use as a spear. Ana Lucia again shows some defensive skills and they end up rolling down the hill. She ends up on the bottom by the spear. She gets it up in the air, just as he attempts to jump on her and as a result, ends on impaled on the spear. She breaks the spear throwing him aside. She gets up and watches for a moment as he lets out his dying breath.

Ana Lucia returns to the bunker where Bernard, Cindy and Libby are waiting outside. Libby asks where Goodwin is. Ana Lucia tells them that they are safe here now and walks on toward the bunker door, as Eko stands from his own place a little apart from the other three.

Day 41:
The tailies are milling around near the entrance to the bunker. Bernard tries the radio. Ana Lucia asks him why he wastes his time with it. He explains that he only tries it a couple minutes a day. Suddenly, the radio picks up Boone's transmission. Bernard starts to answer, but Ana Lucia takes it away from him and turns it off. She says that the Others are trying to lure them out so they can find them. Bernard says that whoever it was knew their flight number and Ana Lucia counters that Goodwin told them the flight number. Bernard then suggests that there could be other survivors. She says that there are no other survivors and that "this is our life now." She then walks off.

Ana Lucia sits by a stream and begins to cry. Eko walks out. She wants to know what he wants. He tells her that it's going to be okay. He then comes over to her. She asks him if he's talking again. He says that it's been forty days. She wants to know why he waited forty days to talk. He points out that she waited forty days to cry. She starts sobbing as he holds her.

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